Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alvinisms 713

"I can sell salt to a snail."

-Me today

Did you know: Tajima (Convoy) has 3 flat panel TVs inside.

Thought of the day: Today I taught the kids (I must say I'm pretty damn good at this now), worked the Shop (sold the hell out of nothing), ate tocino w/ Frees at the new Orient Valley (the best filipino food), went to yoga w/ Freezers (I missed it so much), fixed my room (about time, picked up my bodyboard (can't wait), and had a late night bboy session w/ JRazcal and Kristine (once a bboy, always a bboy). Now it's a lil past midnight and I need to go to bed cuz we got a field trip to the library tomorrow! So this a quickie.

Food for thought:

This picture looks hella bad cuz its very fallic and the meat look dark as shit. but the tocino is really good. Longanisa on the other hand was like a 5. Go w/ the tocino. Dankage!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I constantly make lists on my hands of things I have to do. It helps me remember cuz I always get asked about it. So now if I do post em I'll defs get them done! I got the book, worked on the class coffee shop fundraiser, returned my movies, didn't pick up my sock from TKs, and paid my truck repair bill. Smiley.

Gotta plug. More real pictures tomorrow. Toes, I need the pics, my socks and my bike. Hahaha, I'm coming over after work. Hahaha!

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