Thursday, April 05, 2012

Alvinisms 1350

"Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger."

-Arnold Palmer (1929 - )

Thought of the day: Spring break is awesome.

Food for thought:
Flakey Pacific cod wrapped in prosciutto di parma with chevre and fresh sage.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Whenever I go on a trip it's hard not to have a beer while waiting. It's just the best way start it off.
I will be back! Fets, save a spot on the couch for me.
Hotel air planking.
Fog City was nice and wet.
Teacher conferences are like a Twilight premiere because there are so many women of mixed ages.
Teachers helping teachers.
Beautiful natural wood blocks.
Roll a marble from the top and it makes great sound.
Job offers around the world. I saw one in Alaska. Hmmmm...
Keynote speakers usually bore me but Brene Brown nearly made me tear and crap my pants. Defs one of the most motivational and inspiring things I've ever heard.
"The Glass Classroom". They set up a Montessori elementary classroom and just let the kids work as observers watch them move freely about in their environment. It was awesome. The kids love their work and their freedom to choose what they want to learn that thousands of observers can't sway their attention from learning. Etc etc etc. I could say a lot about this picture but will save you the time.
My friends/coworkers: Juli, Jeanine, Christine, Luisa, and Angela.
Bottoms up.
Eating out every meal will take its toll on your belly.
One of many workshops.
Friday night after the conference I went out with longtime Willys Workshop rider, Harold Daltin.
I met his great wife Tara and they took me to this a Peruvian spot and proceeded on a SF tour.
Me encanta lomo saltado.
SF beaches are waaaay colder but it's also much more empty.
Haha. Check out the skate stoppers.
Thank you Harold and Tara for taking me out in the city, feeding me some awesome Peruvian food, sharing some great laughs, and making new friends. Love you both.
One of my new favorite views of the Golden gate Bridge and apparently you can surf this spot nearby.
We crossed the Bay Bridge to get this awesome view of it and the SF skyline.
This figure was featured at Burning Man and was built by a man who lives on Treasure Island.
Have you ever seen an albino raccoon?
After I got home with Harold and Tara I got a call from Facemelter and went out again for a few pints.

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