Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alvinisms 1333

"My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life."

-Miles Davis (1926 - 1991)

Thought of the day: Wrapping a bunch of eating stops here a few photos of my eating spree before I go HAM and cut out bad foods and start my training for the Tough Mudder.

Food for thought:
Moist vanilla cake layered with dulce de leche, frosted with vanilla butter cream and drenched with more dulce de leche.

 -Alvinism of the Wildboyz

The last time I was here was about 2 years ago and the burger was so good that this time I had to order 2.
The black and blue is #2 or #3 on my all time favorite burger list.
This is mine and Fets best Tom Crean face impression.
For Yvette's going away we ate at this amazing spot.
Was not expecting it to be so nice!
The prices were reasonable and the food was on point!
Defs a great date spot.
I'll be back.
I took Ro out for helping with my kids while I was in Antarctica to this place in PB.
Most different flavors of wings I've seen!
Need to come back with a group so we can try a bunch of em.
And for some reason, I can never pass up an ahi burger.
Allan, Matt and I watch El Classico here. Always wanted to come cuz I hear good things about the food and atmosphere. It didn't disappoint. It's a soccer aficionado's spot.
There are some foods I have to order and try out whenever I go to a new place, if they have it: hot wings, cheese wontons,  and Philly cheese steaks (or even a reuben) to name a few. Phileas did a good job with it.
NICE! Not as big of a selection while compared to Dirty Birds but the wings here were tops! Prolly top 3 in my books for sure!

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