Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Alvinisms 1312

"Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth."

-Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

 Thought of the day: I like how people hit me up when they need a break from life, a random adventure, someone to say yes to any idea, etc etc etc. By saying yes to practically everything my doors in life and outlook always seems endless. Possibilities lie around every corner or even in the exact tiny piece of sand you're standing on. Don't get me wrong, I feel shitty too some days but more often than not, you'll find my face to the sun...and letting the shadows fall  behind me.

Food for thought:
Butter poached lobster tail with sous vide beef tenderloin, sauteed spinach, and duck fat poached creamer potatoes. WTF!?! I WAAANT!  

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz
Ro needed a break from the whole LA thing. Who better to call than her old TMer and Captain!
So instead of going out the first night we just ended up drinking on my front step and catching up. We got pretty stupid. Bad choice before a long hike.
She's never hiked before.
Instead of going somewhere new and far we went local and familiar.
Bahaha, we were gonna go to Julian after and go wine tasting but we were too tired and get major food coma.
Good times w/ my TM/Fullerton family.
She also kinda learned that she has major vertigo. Hahaha. But I'm still proud of you!
At first sight she was afraid to go on the potato chip. But once you're there...you gotta!
Thanks for visiting. Come anytime...you runaway! Bwahahaha!
I'm proud of you but more importantly I hope you're proud of yourself. 143 Ro!

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