Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alvinisms 1230

"Some people make headlines while others make history."

-Philip Elmer-DeWitt

Did you know: In 1908, soccer was made an Olympic event.

Thought of the day: This has been one of the craziest weeks at work in years.

Food for thought:

Crispy sopaipillas tossed in sugar and drizzled w/ rich chocolate sauce.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Echo Park.

Bridge to tiny island. Closed.

View of a fountain through the trees.

Maybe I shoulda just black and whited all the photos cuz it was quazi gloomy anyway.

Ya'll wanna see a dead body? Look closely.

So sad.

There's a little sun.

Look who I found.

They were just enjoying the day too.

Is that a footless ninja?

Picked up by Chachee, and met up w/ TK to hit up Chinatown for some Pho.

Hella hella Chinatown.

If you know me, I don't like pho but I figure I wasn't gonna say "no" to anything on the trip.

Demolition truck?

Mr. Vietnam and/or Mr. LA?

Chachee, one of my best college friends ever.

I'm much more of a ramen guy.

And I like things hella spicy.

TK called it Vietnamese crack.

Looks like a coffee to me.

There's a whole process to this thing.

But it's pretty dank!

I'm not a coffee fan either but this was dank. And yes, it was like crack (even though I've never done crack) cuz almost felt instantly jittery.

Egg roll dankage!

Everyday I'm hustlin.

Derecho salty? If front of you salty?

Next I met up w/ Cheryl and we went to the Museum of Tolerance. All the stickers are left by people who come and visit.

You can't take photos inside so this is the only one I got. The museum is rad, I recommend going early to see the exhibits cuz it's a guided tour.

Then we went to PORTOS! Freezers and Natalie met up for some good eats.

Potato Ball: A soft mashed potato ball filled with seasoned ground beef, fried to golden brown. $.90

Mango Mousse: Mango mousse with a layer of white spong cake and a passion fruit center on a shortbread cookie.$2.95

Guava Strudel: Flaky puff pastry filled with guava. $.75

The Potato Ball is.....AAWWWW-ZUMMMM!

Medianoche Preparada: Our Medianoche sandwich with ham croquettes. $5.60

One thing I love about Frees is that she's down to do whatevs. Like eating any food w/ your hands.


Triple Chocolate Mousse: A layer of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate mousse on a chocolate tuile cookie and finished with chocolate ganache.$2.95

Red Velvet Cupcake, one of many delectable cupcakes. $1.50

My Los Angeles Angels: Cheryl, Natalie, and Althea aka Ellen, Nat Nat and Frees.

Got ready at Nat's but she lives 2 doors down from Jeff and Joe Lazaro where Jeff hooked me up w/ this Japan relief fund bracelet. Thanks buddy!

There's plenty of chairs to sit, but Frees chooses to fob squat.

And Ellen makes me a drink!

We rolled out w/ Toe-Knee to Eden. If you know me, I don't club. If you know me, I definitely don't do LA clubs. But here we go! Supposed to stay for 45 minutes, got home at 4am.

Heard so much about this place and it's grilled cheese and tomato soup. Kitchen 24 is a winner!

Not very smooth w/ soupy fingers. Wait, why are my fingers soupy?

SD unite!

I love my girls cuz they all had work the very next day at like 8 am. And I love Toes, he lives down the street but chose to sleep on the wood. Bhahaha, not even the rug, couch, carpet, or bed. The wood! I have the best friends ever!

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