Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alvinisms 1231

"The sweetness of doing nothing."

-Eat. Pray. Love.

Did you know: Tim Berners-Lee coined the term "World Wide Web" in 1990.

Thought of the day: My students did so well on their Spring performance. I mean beyond expectations, exceeding what's been rehearsed, digging inside and put out something even I haven't seen before. This is why I love being a teacher. I'm proud of them and what's better is that each and every one of them were proud of themselves and in each other. Self confidence and appreciation is much more important than a pretty costume or singing in tune.

Food for thought:

Succulent slow-smoked spice-rubbed barbeque beef brisket

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

You know the name: Umami Burger.

W/ one of my best friends, Toe-Knee. Not on the grind, just chillin for the day...and the night. WBZ 4 Life!

Morning started w/ a great root beer float are good mornings.

Hella branded.

We stopped by the Grove cuz TK had the day off and when he's off, he shops.

Being the good friend I helped him not pack on the calories and skip the ice cream.

On the way to the Beverly Center we stopped by Soda Pops. Holy crap...

Seriously one of the best sandwich shops I've ever been too. Period.

Like top 3 guaranteed.

Back to the ice cream story...I convinced TK not to get ice cream but...

Why not drop over a G on some Louis bag!?! Hell yah!

Mr. LA had the day off and was gonna chill for the night. Hell no broskee. We're going to the OC to see Crazy guy and some friends!

Some of the best roomies ever. 101 4 life: James, Alvin, and Chach.

I heart Tawny Bubs!

Ro Ro Ro your boat.

My worlds colliding in an amazing way. Best friends from college and San Diego.

I love you two. Jam and Stace.

Bromance between Jam and Jomo.

Next thing you know, we're at Geisha House.

Hennessy all around! Thanks Toes.

Not enough pictures to do justice. Not enough patience to type.

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