Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alvinisms 1211

"He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much."

-Bessie A. Stanley

Did you know: Antarctica is the windiest place on earth.

Thought of the day: I'm looking back and reading my blog and it's more of a journal for me than what it started out as. It used to be for people to read up on The Wildboyz and what random craziness we'd be up to for our website and I'd post pictures and write as if the world were reading. Now I just write weird comments that are for myself so I can recall what happened (I have a horrid memory) and you're in for the ride. Not sure who my readers are, I don't have a target audience, but I do know that I like taking pictures, sharing memories w/ friends, and writing whatever I want.

Food for thought:

Savory deviled eggs w/ spinach, ham and parmesan. Interesting twist, I must try.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I collect chess boards and socks. I was hoping for something like Whalers Vs Whales but couldn't find none.

The very first day when Drew and I went to Moose's we saw this place and knew we had to go there.

All I see is "SERVING AWESOME" and so we had to come. But it was closed down.

Ah our tiny Chevy Aveo. We shoulda tried to pick it up and move it.

Not much was open Sunday morning so we ended up eating here. Why not try Mexican food in Alaska. Funny thing was it was run by Filipinos.

Not impressed.

Look in the Fur Rondy guide to see what was crackin today and ended up at the United States first ever Yukigassen aka snowball fight.

Reindeer is delicious!

Meet the competitors.

Plenty of places to run and hide. Imagine paintball and capture the flag. You either eliminate the other team, capture their flag, or have more players left when time runs out. Dope.

Some rush to the front, attacked by fastballs and lobs.

Others are out in the open and help call out the where the opposition is and their tactics.

These things seriously hurt. Hence the helmets.

Either roll or hand off resupplies of ammo.

Each team had many bins of perfectly rounded ammo. It was pretty awesome. Winning team went to Japan to compete as the USA's first Yukigassen team.

Back to our favorite wine/beer shop and I had to drink the official Fur Rondy Brew.

And then we were off to get some culture at the museum.

We're back.

At first it offered just what we imagined, hallways of amazing art.

That painting in the back is as tall as me and is gorgeous.

The clouds and shadows of this one blew me away.

This was my second favorite for numerous reasons.

And this was my fav because I like solid lines, colors, contrasts, etc.

But I'd pay to have this somewhere in my house.

I love texture and mixed medias.

Already worth every penny. Little did we know.....

They had some awesome children's art up here and everywhere.

Water maze.

I got some ideas for this children.

View from the other side. There were hallways up, down, and along this area lined w/ unbelievable art from kids of all ages.

Upstairs it was a real Smithsonian Exhibit! Look at the screens, set up, etc. It was one of the most impressive museum displays I've ever seen in my life.

Pick a tribe or area and go to the little kiosk.

It'll show you exactly what's in the case.

Select it.

It'll zoom in, give info, reviews, etc. Sooo much info and sooooo radical!

This hall was rad cuz it had different areas w/ different surround sound that gave you different tastes of Alaska.

Each screen had a different focus and area behind it. I can't say enough.

And of course they had the regular museum stuff w/ the history of Alaska. Check out the fishing net the size of the boat!

Punched you already.

Back in the day.

Throwing rocks is timeless.

But I dunno about pulling in whales.

Art from the locals area.

I love everything about this place.

And when you thought it couldn't get any cooler! It had an area similar to the Reuben H. Fleet!


Domo arigato Mr. Robato.

Drew playing w/ stop motion and full on sound effects!

There was also and area similar to the Birch aquarium w/ jellyfish, alligators, sea cucumbers, starfish, etc. I'm telling this place is magnificent.

On the way up in the biggest elevator I've ever been in.

Large open area w/ photos of native history.

They opened the windows just for us. Perfect timing.

Let's have a look outside.

Perfect weather. We got practically the best conditions and Alaskan winter could offer.

Here I am.

Sun's going down.

I highly highly recommend this place if you ever visit. In fact, it's a must see.

I could get used to this...

Thank you Anchorage.

Back to the hotel after purchasing more brew.

Time to get ready for the night.

It was a very interesting night that could have ended up horribly awful, awesome, and full of stories. But I think it turned out for the better. You can ask Drew or I about it later.

Back to Pioneer for beer, pool, and meeting new folks like Angelina.


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