Monday, March 21, 2011

Alvinisms 1210

"My friends are my estate."

-Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Did you know: There are more than three million lakes in Alaska.

Thought of the day: Must...not...get...sick!

Food for thought:

Moist brownie layered w/ peanut butter truffle and chocolate peanut butter ganache. For a guy that doesn't have a huge dessert tooth. I've been loving and craving some of these sweet "Food for Thoughts:.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

After lunch and yes more beer, who knew sweaters, jeans and boots would be ideal for a run.

I guess it's normal if you're running in Alaska.

Snow...Santa? Nothing wrong here right?

Hmmm, shorts and flowers? Now something's up.

Let the weird begin.

I actually think there may be a comic w/ this guy.

I'm glad to watch football games in SD.

Cuz everyone knows Fidel Castro loves Alaska.

If you think they were cold, you should seen the naked guys.

Whatever goes.

I want!

Those antlers are no joke.

Hundreds of randoms ready to run.

Good idea or not, HERE WE GO!

Gotta watch yo back or you'll get stabbed!

Reindeer Run from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

Scary and fun! Best combo!


Almost done.

You're just mad at me Rudolf cuz I ate your cousin and it was glorious.

Filipinos on ice! Totally unnatural.

I still have my bib on.

Whale I think.

Balto by day.

Ice maze for kids.

Everything is fun in the cold!


Ah Humpys. I saw you on Man Vs Food. My turn.

This shop gets my thumbs up. I just realized I didn't yelp it. BRB.

We'll be back tomorrow for some culture.

Time to grab some grub and even more grog.

You can literally count how many more bricks taller Drew is than I.


Balto by night.

We are here.

Those have got to be ice implants on the lady.

Ice at night, never seen it before.

If it wasn't ice on the floor it'd be just like Embarcadero SF I think.

Coca-Cola anyone?

I dunno what it is but it looks awesome.

We didn't repeat eating anywhere on the trip; but if we did Humpy's would have been one of them. But I did eat their airport installment. Way overpriced and a tiny menu. Defs go to the main one.

The band was pretty dope. If I wasn't poor and lame I'dve picked up their and CD.

In my opinion. Every sandwich should be on Texas Toast.

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