Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alvinisms 1020

"I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate."

-Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)

Did you know: Alaska's name is based on the Eskimo word Alakshak meaning great lands or peninsula.

Thought of the day: I've been sick for the past 2 days have have absolutely no life other than my bedroom. My pillowcase is constantly being rotated thanks to my waking up sweating and my trashcan fills up faster w/ tissues that my toilet one does. Oh weekend please hurry.

Food for thought:

Beef Round Steak Sandwich with Cuban-Inspired Dipping Sauce And Blue Cheese. Oh good Lord this looks perfect.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Willys Workshop rider Taylor Orman getting artsy fartsy.

I just finished watching One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and I must say I really enjoy most if not all of Stanley Kubrick's films.

Isn't this the best idea ever! Great way to take the anger out waking up.

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