Friday, January 15, 2010

Alvinisms 1002

"Hate the sin, love the sinner."

-Mahatma Ghandi

Did you know: Mike Scifres almost had his leg amputated when he was a kid.

Thought of the day: This weekend is sort of bittersweet right now because it's taking so long for this Charger game to happen but on the other hand, who doesn't want a long weekend? These are those weekends you find yourself saying, "What the hell am I gonna do to pass time?" Though I do have some things to do and attend it seems like Sunday can't come fast enough.

Food for thought:

Juicy roasted chicken marinated in a lime-y cilantro and parsley pesto filled with freshly toasted cumin, chile powder, and lots of minced fresh garlic. accompanied by cumin and chile spiced polenta and brussels sprouts roasted with the juicy, flavorful tidbits left on the pan from the chicken. The entire dish was garnished with a drizzle of cilantro/parsley pesto.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

You never forget how to ride a bike but learning how to ride while bombing a mountain is another story.

I realized this was my first time at Bumsville. Ahhh, good times.


I forgot what club downtown this was but people just gettin owned son!

Going back to dancing as a judge, cameo performer, speaker, or whatever its always dope when you have a great group of friends to reconnect with.

This was the trip that really got me wanting to fish a lot more.

Good ol fashioned fun times outside.

When coworkers becomes friends, its a win all around.

Random nights and random activities are always win win.

Getting hooked up w/ bodyboards was one of the biggest blessing I've had in a while.

Dope bacon wrapped street dogs mean one thing. Good time in Downtown Los Angeles.

101 4 life.

Ian gave me an opportunity that probably will never happen again. It was a fun experience. Thanks buddy.

My favorite fun is good ol fashioned fun: sports, drinks, and games!

The only New Year's Resolution I haven't broken: donate at least a dollar every time I got to a grocery store.

My new found appreciation of the beach.

This wound really slowed me down. You're lucky I can't find my picture of when it scabbed.

Willys Workshop Mira Mesa is now OPEN!

Family first.

This was the beginning of many pictures taken at Adult Emporium after Tajima. Trust me there are at least 3o more.

Mavyn X Funkanometry unite for Mario and Clara's wedding. It was fun, beautiful, and in Santa Barbara.

Party bus and wine tasting w/ a bunch of dirty ghetto kids pounding beers still. Good times for sure.

Conan > Leno. I'm with Coco. (photo from Annabelle)

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