Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alvinisms 1003

"A rising tide lifts all boats."

-John F. Kennedy.

Did you know: Skipping this for today.

Thought of the day: Chargers lost and I'm not watching ESPN for a week. Seriously. No sports affiliations for at least a week. I believe what happened and not gonna pretend it didn't or go over the what ifs. Just gonna move on the other things that will bring happiness back into my world. It kinda feels like when you get dumped or rejected, except you have a whole city to mourns w/ you.

Food for thought:

Sauteed sea scallop stacked on smokey braised collard greens, a savory rosemary-garlic polenta cake, and tangy sundried tomato and artichoke heart pesto. Everything about this sounds delicious.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I really just

don't feel like

captioning many pictures

after what happened

in today's game.

But I do

want to say

thank you to

Dr. Martin Luther

King Jr.

Leo's grown up.

I miss yoga.

Welcome to the world.

Look at the monitor in front of TK's mom.

3 of the 5 master cleansers.


Wildboyz 4 life.

One of the best trips ever.

Can't show you naked pictures.

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