Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alvinisms 941

"Be a fountain, not a drain."

-Rex Hudler

Did you know: There's a theory that Machu Picchu was built w/ the assistance of aliens.

Thought of the day: Looking back at some of my pictures sometimes they just can't do justice of the experience.

Food for thought: There will be plenty in the next few days.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

On the flight to Cusco you could see the air conditioning. Weird.

Finally, no more airports for a while. I dunno if its the altitude or the pressure but I get gas on a plane.

El Hospedaje de Recoleta. It smells like a cleaner Mexico.

The look from inside our room.

It's common to drink mata de coca in Peru. If processed correctly it becomes...you guessed it.

You can't tell but the space between the pole and wall was very narrow.

What's lurking in the dark?

Take a peak.

There are lots of hills in Lima. Richard posing.

I don't know how to keep a straight face.

There are dogs everywhere. Literally.

Stairs up and stairs down.

And people consistently trying to improve the place.

I'm a male model.

Richard! You seal pup killer!

The poor man's V for Vendetta mask.

Incan cross necklaces.

Running upstairs to see one of many massage parlors.

Grit and grime aka character.

There are many churches in Peru and 90% of them are Catholic.

I'm great at ruining photos.

We ran into more Germans than Americans I think.

I guess I look Hispanic cuz everyone started speaking really fast to me in Spanish everywhere I went.

My first Peruvian purchase was of course.....food.

Fruits, yogurt, flan, and a lot of goodness

No Yahoo here. It's called Yajuu.

Ehhhhh, ehhhhspiiiiicccccyyy.

Grains for days.

The market is where you go to haggle and buy everything you need for cheap.

Like our $1 loma salatado. Delicious.

The cheese lady is my best friend.

I could have survived on this alone. But food is so cheap I didn't have to.

Who wants a massage?

More gifts.

The Plaza de Armas at night.

I am here!!!

Yes it comes in many colors.

Kids can be happy anywhere, anytime, w/ anything. Just like me.

Garlic bread.

Pisco sours are their staple alcoholic drink.

Tamales are a must.

Stuffed peppers: peppers w/ meat stuffing and veggies, accompanied w/ creole salad and golden baked potatoes.

Richard got a fancier loma saltado at night.

I was a little more adventurous and tried the alpaca (llama meat) and cuy (guinea pig). It's like chicken but more shredded cuz its smaller.

Los Tomines gets a thumbs up from me.

I don't know why I like posing like this. Hahahaha.

We walked pretty high to see the city and find an awesome bar.

Wildboyz Worldwide.

Brazilian favorite: caipirinha.

This spot was artsy fartsy and full of Brits.

Romantic night w/ Richard. Hahaha. No homo.

I always drink on my vacations.

These street musicians were great. Watch the video below.

Street Musicians in Peru from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.

Phallic symbols are everywhere.

They had Evian water spray?


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