Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alvinisms 848

"Sometimes goodbye is a second chance."


Did you know: The first time I saw KJ he had a gun in his hand.

Thought of the day: In relevance to my "did you know".....Now I live w/ the guy! Hahaha. From the days of story-telling w/ the Wuss Clan to making it in the dance scene to now we've been through a lot. I love you man. Wildboyz 4 life.

Food for thought:

Baked rigatoni in a turkey bolognese covered with melted Havarti and mozzarella then garnished with fresh basil.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I've been on a few trails around North County but this one is pretty tops.

Someone is off for a pee pee break.

Some spots are just nice to roll through.

Others are fun to bomb. Picture courtesy of google.

What do you see Allan?

"One mile of mountain biking can be like 5 miles on a road bike or more."

This is a nice flat part w/ purple plains.

You have no idea how steep this is and how far into the trail it is.

Allan is a uphill monster but even he couldn't finish.

The top is nice cuz its fun down hills for a good while.

Another climb but we had visitors.


You can't take pictures while bombing rolling hills and swerving through bushes. I guess you'll have to see for yourself or take my word for it.

Tom's is one a top restaurant for me.

After a ride, road bikers worry about what they're gonna eat and calories etc.
Mountain bikers want the dankest, fattiest, tastiest meal afterwards. Winner!

The pastrami sandwich was no joke. It's pretty much all pastrami!

There was biker gang by the name of "Warriors of the Light". They looked legit: embroidered jean jacket, black boots, long beards, sunglasses, and tough guy statures.

Subliminal messages.

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