Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alvinisms 808

"Don't throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water."

-Swedish Proverb

Did you know: 7 people were killed on July 12, 1976 in what's known as the "Fullerton Library Massacre".

Thought of the day: Most of this weekend was spent stuffing my face. Time to go running or shizz maybe I'll have to recleanse again cuz I did not make good choices this weekend. Hahaha!

Food for thought:

Ice cream cone cupcakes look delicious and cool.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I saw this on Toe-Knee's blog and nearly died. Hahaha!

After Thursday night's events we crashed at James place. He lives in the same neighborhood Tiger Woods used to live.

College started on the corner of State College and...

...Nutwood apartments. This is where JR, Leo and I all lived our first year of Fulltown.

Leo and I would have to pee out the window. Nutwood West = Leo, Alvin, & JR. Nutwood East = Grace & Jenny.

College life was the best.

We'd walk here cuz its close, cheap and yums. Leo and I were totally "survival mode" in Fullerton.

Beef bowls 4 days. Hmmm, sorta like Japan.

Ah the walk by the TSU from Lot B. Memories.

I had to take a crap right away (as usual) and saw this picture on the wall. Nice.

I dare someone to call and let me know what happens.

Poo pooing.

July 12, 1976 7 people were killed in what's known as the "Fullerton Library Massacre/Murders/Killing Spree".

It can be pretty creepy at night, trust.

Chachee and I used to meet up in the quad and gawk at pretty girls. We still do.

Being a Sociology Major I spent most of my time in the Humanities. Right in front is where I graduated too.

Leo needed a transcript and was being sent back and forth from Admission and Records.

I barely read it but the sports page was always good!

The first weeks of school this walkway is lined w/ frats and sororities trying to recruit.

Where it all started: meeting friends, PASA, first TM performance, sleep, late night study sessions, Mainframe, massages, Underground, pizza, etc. I love Fullerton.

And so does James and Leo.

Leo and I left Fullerton for Burbank to get ready for the night's events.

Sleep, eat, drink, chill. Sounds like college all over again.

People, places and things change. Our college friendships haven't. I love you guys.

Here's a preview of tomorrow's Alvinism. Let more partying begin!

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