Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alvinisms 809

"Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt."

-William Van Horne

Did you know: Bruce Lee was so fast that they slowed down film so we could see his moves.

Thought of the day: After school Monday I had to help some dude push his car up a hill, I repeat up a hill. On top of that I helped Willy pick up Skatelite from an old church ramp to install into his ramp on my day off. But its okay cuz I got hella good news. I'M GOING ON A CARNIVAL CRUISE W/ MY COWORKERS!!! And its a gift from my school. Love my jobby job.

Food for thought:

Kalbi quesadilla. Pure genius.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Sisters Mirabel and Ellen. Ellen just finished nursing school. Congrats!

One digit off of 101.

Lovelyn and I were starving so JR let us chomp on some pasta w/ bacon in it. Dankage!

Rose was my 8th grade crush.

Preparty w/ some of the boys.

and the Wildgirlz.

And all the girls.

Lots of things going wrong in this picture.

I never stuck to calling Cheryl "Cheryl" or "Ellen" same how I don't stick to calling Toes "Toes", "Boner", or "Toe-Knee".

I like this picture cuz its complete fun!

Magic trick?

Tiffany and Christine like to dance.

Friends since 8th grade: Crystal and Vern Verns.

Cile, Rose, and Rhoda creepin!

This is my favorite picture. Look at all 4 creepy guys in the back gawking. HAHAHAA!

Lets go fishing w/ the family again!

Sorry for the blurries So Super Sam and Toes.

Melissa is the only one who doesn't look weird.

Virginia's finest.

Yeah I was pretty faderated so in my eyes everything prolly looked like this.

Alison love.

Lovelyn love.

Myron runs LA; but he still sleeps on my couch. JK!

Thanks Als, I stole some of your pictures.

Red light means stop, green light means go. Yellow light means.....SLOW DOWN B***H! HAHAHAHA!

Whatcha waiting for Toes?

Dubhe or not Dubhe?, Alvinism, Melissa, Als, Leo nards..."We want hot dogs!"

Yup, its the real deal.

Brandon was one of my first TM Juniors. He's a big boy now.
I wonder why Mel and I were wrestling.

Strike a pose.

My Juniors are all grown up.

I spy Laguna, Rhoda, Kimtan, Toe-Knee, Lovelyn and DJ Mahjestik.

This picture says it all. Highlands was a blast.

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Anonymous said...

Im not in the second to last picture fool! In your "i spy laguna, rhoda, etc, etc, etc" haha. I was already upstairs sleeping!