Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alvinisms 801

"The people you love. Tell them. Tell them everyday."

-Stuart Scott (ESPN anchor)

Did you know: The first video aired on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles in 1981.

Thought of the day: After running Miramar Lake sub 38 minutes I completely ruined it w/ all the food I ate at Ollie's house then drinking more at Ellen's. Congratulations Ellen!!!!! I'm proud of you.

Food for thought:

If a carne asada isn't unhealthy enough try deep frying it. Me encanta carne asada chimichangas.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

See you nuckas on the street.

It was a new ice cream man! Radical!
Jojo got all the goods!
I'll stick to the 7up big stick, a grab bag, a cap gun, bomb bag, and limon please.
Time to get it started.

Instead of sloshball we played slosh-kickball.

Illis is the illest.

Rudy calling his shot.

Whaammmmy!!! (Anchorman)
Burgers all day, everywhere, anytime.

Make sure you get a good shot of my soccerball Steven.

The best beer girls: Verna and Nikki.

View from slosh/second base. I spy TK pitching and Jojobean kicking.
How many Wildboyz does it take to catch a kickball?

2nd to 1st.
This picture says it all: women, Willys Workshop and Wildboyz.

Why do you look down Toes? Did you stike out?
I don't think our team won but who cares cuz we were drinking at 2nd base anyway!

Roxy has an intense look in her eyes for Kimtan.

Soccer, softball, skateboarding, and of course football.

Photoshoots everywhere.
This is gross and super cool at the same time!

And everyone began flying high.

Including Freddy.

Baseball is one of the many sports I've played growing up.

There were like 5 different dogs running around.

Pump that ish!

I believe I can fly.

So I can touch the sky.

It was another topsy turvy game.

All smiles.

Kona went caca.

I like this picture Theresa.

Toe-Knee's camera looks huge compared to you Rhods.

Whooaaa. Up close and personal w/ Patty Pat.

I like this picture of Jenny too.

The boyz are back in town.
Ellen x TK x Cile and cookies!!!

The girls have been crying for like a week straight.

Edwin still got it.

I spy a stoplight of colors.


Since preschool. The Local Hero x Alvinisms

There's Allan's bike again.

I found this picture and it reminded me of good old fashioned fun; kinda like playing softball in the sun w/ friends. Thank you friends. And see you later Josephine, not good bye.

This is so stupid that I think it's hilarious.


Because_I_said_so said...

Where is Josephine going? I'm so outta the loop!

ChanthanatoR said...

omg is "chewbacca" my yoshi's twin?!?!