Friday, April 10, 2009

Alvinisms 784

"A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog."

-Jack London (1876 - 1916)

Did you know: There are more germs in the human mouth than in the anus.

Thought of the day: I tried to go to a different beach Mon-Fri this Spring Break but missed Thursday cuz I went fishing. But I was at a lake so I was by water so it counts. Plus you're not supposed to surf right after rain. Imagine all the loogies, bacteria, and germs that wash into the storm drain and into the ocean. thanks

But in 5 days I managed to go to 6 beaches: 20th Street, Cherry Hill, 15th Street, Tourmaline, Pacific Beach, and Wind and Sea. Mission accomplished.

*Hey Martiza, next time I'm up there we're going to the beach BUT!!!!!....The next time you're down you have to hit me up so we can get that Tajima! Plus I live in your old house! Mwahaha!!!

Food for thought:

Turkey and Sun-dried Tomato Bread Pudding

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

JR managed to catch a fish almost smaller than his own bait!

I was a honorary member of Cheryl's family on Thursday. I went fishing w/ Cheryl, her mom, sister, brother, and two cousins.

We got the first catch of the day. I don't post pictures of kids that I don't have permission to post.

Timmy Tim stopped by since he lives down the street. Maybe if you focused your chakra...

Second biggest catch of the day.

Wide mouth bass. Gross.

We had to be extra careful w/ kiddos on the dam.

Here's the biggest catch of the day chillin on a stringer. I caught it!
Here's another one of mine and...

...his little brother.

Cheryl aka Ellen is locked up.

Nice catch.

The dam can be beautiful and very dangerous.

Have you ever seen green rocks?

Later that night we met up at Cheers in PQ for a little predrinkng.

Off to U31 for 80s and 90s night but we ended up at The Office. Dyryl and Rich w/ plenty of drinks.

High fives shared between friends; George and Cheryl

We're gonna miss you Jojo!!! Its funny how the camera strap perfectly framed the picture.

It was house night! So get your dancing shoes on!

Where did you go Jo?


I spy Rich peeing.

And got you too Vincent-San!

This is the last picture taken by my camera before I smashed it. So I'll have to draw the Adult Emporium picture...again!
Since I broke my camera at Tajima I have to draw our Adult Emporium pic again. Dyryl, Rich, Kimtan, George, Vince, Alvinism, and Chris. (Check the details: Rich's glasses & Goat T, Kimtan's ears, George's ponytail, Vince's mustache, Chris' would have been too easy to get on the gap man!!!)

So much is going on right now!!!


Because_I_said_so said...

I totally just spit out my coffee when I read the anus/mouth part.

Awww, yes we will def. go to the beach when you come up here and YAY for living in my old house! I loved it there.

jomo said...

damn it. i was at u31 that night!