Friday, April 10, 2009

Alvinisms 783

"Instead of $5 can we just spend some time outside instead?"

-My niece, Reinah

Did you know: Horses have no gag reflex and are incapable of throwing up. Sometimes their inability to throw up causes stomach upsets - which can be fatal.

Thought of the day: In accordance to my "quote of the day", I collected 5 sand dollars at the beach and told Reinah I was gonna give her $5, but instead of taking free money, she'd rather just play outside. The simplicity and joy of a kid. Amazing.

Food for thought:

Eggs at Tajima are the best! (Explanation below)

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I saw this and thought to myself, "if I ever have to go back to a PC, this is how I'd want it."

Made out of metal, very detailed, and completely legit!

What!?! No floppy drive!?! JK.

I love this movie.

Sk858 and many others coming together to make a BBQ to remember.

Picking up my niece from school was a total new experience.

You are so amazing Nah.

I love my nieces!!!

My pops took a nice one of us.

We beat them to the house so we pretended to be asleep. Nice shades Reinah!

Check out her grades!!! WTF!?!

Play outside. Just be safe.

Reinah likes soccer but she also likes volley-tennis and 4-square more.

Uncle Alvin doesn't always play fair. Mwahaha! She gotta learn the tricks and toughen her skin! No babies allowed!

Baby Sammy practicing her gross motor skills w/ water pouring.

We can't wait for the movie!

Here's the preview. It's a little different from the book but still radical.

Once everything is peaceful we can leave. Good night Sammy.

Laurel aka Feta loves me!!! She secretly ordered a bowl of eggs for me!!!

Story goes:
I saved Feta from weirdos and creepies in New Orleans when she was uber faded so one day at work she gives me a big hug and says, "thank you so much for taking care of me. I owe you like a bowl of Tajima eggs or something." Lo and behold I forgot all about it and here it is!!!

For the first time the asians were the minority at Tajima but our palms are all the same color!

It's hard to say no homo when this picture is homo. But NO HOMO!!! Hahaha! Timmy Tim, Alvinism, Freezers, Laureezy, Drooq taking our Adult Emporium photo here cuz we were gonna get more beer later and Frees was leaving. Nice hops Drew!My new favorite pub in San Diego.

If I lived in Clairemont I'd be fat, broke and out of job.

Take your pick, and there's a whole WHOLE lot more!

I just like ending my Alvinisms w/ Tajima cuz it's usually the last thing of the night.

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Because_I_said_so said...

You are always talking about Tajima. I've never been there, I guess I should!