Monday, April 06, 2009

Alvinisms 779

"Reading is no substitute for action."

-Colleen Wainwright

Did you know: Every house on my block in National City had bars on all windows even chimneys.

Thought of the day: This has be one of me most eventful and awesome Spring Breaks for me. My goal of a different beach every day has been fruitful but we'll see w/ the weather for the next couple days. Come today, Wednesday, I'll be going to Buffalo Exchange, Tourmaline Surf Park, pick up my niece from school, Tajima w/ Tim & Frees, and Incahoots for some line dancing w/ my coworkers. Wooohooooo! I love being paid on days off!!!

Food for thought:

Beer x Tajima ramen = cure for cancer. JK.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I got this card in the mail and thought it was pretty awesome. They literally hand wrote a letter to me hoping i was better. So little can go a long way.

Biking w/ Dilip @ Sycamore Canyon he showed me some cool spots and fun switchbacks.

Dilip can bomb hills pretty well so I'm mostly just eating his dust.

Hello moon.

I don' t think you can tell all the sweat that drips from the helmet after our ride back.

A short round of Ballantine's Whiskey every night in Japan. This picture is for you Nick!!! I'll come visit you in Australia like in...2-3 years. Hahaha.

Soft-boiled eggs are my new favorite.

Just like how Tajima does it. Eat your heart out.

Marinating chicken is a tease cuz you wanna cook it right away!

My trip to Target never end up the way they should. This trip I did good and only bought a Hot Wheel.

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