Saturday, April 04, 2009

Alvinisms 778

"With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing."

-Catherine de Hueck

Did you know: There have been 3 prospective roommates for our place but no takers yet. But now there are 2 who are vying for the room.

Thought of the day: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Multiply, Tag, etc...Everything is basically out there so you can boost your confidence by adding the same friends from the older website. BTW, isn't Twitter the stupidest name you've ever heard of?

Food for thought:

$3 for all this. Pretty sure its not good for me but hey, its gets you through the day.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

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If you haven't seen this on The Hundreds website here's your chance. Working at Willys Workshop I know exactly how they feel. Spot on!

Laurel, Christine and I are all uber big smiles.

I'm gonna miss you Emily! Juli and I are gonna visit.

Taking shots like a champ.

Another round of shots. Em is worked up about something.

Here's the band of the night.

You can guess that Jerry didn't like them much by the look on his face.

Nice scarf.

Angela likes my new wallet!

All you need it sugar to complete it.


Another Alabama Slamma for my Alabama Slamma!

Got tired of the music so we went next door to Moondoggies.

She's reading off her, "what I'll miss and not miss" list.

You'll miss the burritos. Just ask Tim and he only went to SF!

Off to Onyx/Thin for Meghan's bday and happy birthday Brittany as well. But Frees stole the spotlight!

Meet the Freezers: Alvinism and Althea Loves Your Mom.

My Tajima-mates.

Happy birthday Megs. Even though I've only known you for less than a year, you are my bluh, and I love you for eveything. Beach this week so you won't be "bored". Hollaaa!!!

Gelly kinda looks like a ninja here no? Look at us w/ protecting our drinks from spilling. Ha!
Gelly are you concentrating on the beat? Hahaha.

Katrina (right) is the newest member of Entytii and was a Charger girl last year. The night was fun and the end w/ 3 fights and a big mess was interesting. Thanks DT.

I crashed at Kimtan's and on the way home you have to go through this. Which way do you go? Left? Right? Or don't enter at all!?!

I retired my old wallet for 4 years to upgrade to...

My toast wallet!!! And when I feel like a man...

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

But these came into the Shop and I had to snag the red one. Now WTF do I do w/ four wallets!?! Stupid stupid impulse buys.
You can find me here this weekend.

1 comment:

gelly said...

I AM a ninja.
I always have to concentrate when I'm standing up coz I'm such a klutz! Actually I think I was making the weird face I do when I dance. Check it out next time when we dance... I make the stupidest faces!