Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alvinisms 740

"Hey I posted your picture on www.hotornot.com to see how you'd be rated. Cool? Haha!"

-my text to some people

Did you know: I worn a WWJD bracelet on my right wrist since freshman year of high school (13 years).

Thought of the day: So I sent out my "quote of the day" to like 30-40 people and got an overwhelming response in a matter of minutes. Mostly a bunch of "WTFs" and "Haha's are you serious!?!" Mostly everyone knew it was a joke and got a really good laugh out of it. The funny part is how serious it got when people really started inquiring about what their score was, when they could get it, and if I was serious or not.

Of course it was a joke of course and everyone took it lightly and w/ a funny attitude. Too bad www.hotornot.com only lets you create on profile per email and I wasn't about to create 16 accounts to see what'd they'd get so sorry. No results. Hmm...they're open enough to let the world rank them, maybe I should just post their pick on here and let you all do it. Whaddya think? Mwahahahaha!

Here's the list of some of people who said "Okay!!!"
1) Andrew S. (Willys Workshop/Hoey)
2) Chris O. aka Million Dollar Gap (Wildboyz)
3) Harold C. (Urban FX)
4) James R. (Team Millennia/Mavyn/Chill Factor/101)
5) Jomo (Nike)
6) Justin C. (Willys Workshop/Sever Your Ties)
7) Kimtan B. (Wildboyz)
8) Gelly (WPG)
9) Mike R. aka DJ Teknikscian (Mass Appeal)
10) Mark Villa aka Chachee (Team Millennia/101)
11) Mizuki T. (Team Millennia/Mavyn)
12) Steve A. (Hoey)
13) Steven B. (TAA)
14) Tim S. (Hoey)
15) TJ R. (Wildboyz/Lost Cause)
16) Toe-Knee N. (Wildboyz/Victory Nightlife)

Food for thought:

A McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese, but with fried McChicken patties instead of buns.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Working in my bedroom making giant pendants for the party. It was tedious, messy, tiring but totally worth it.

My student and I went to Lake Miramar to build our appetite.

The ducks already have their appetite and ate up all our bread.

See if you can get catch em!

Rock throwing is strictly prohibited huh?....Hmm...

Mwahaha!!! We're up to no good.

Dark and light...and a grip of ducks of all sizes.

Making memories.

I appreciate how simplicity will always entertain kids.

My Student vs The Squirrel (click on the picture and check out the squirrel on the lookout at the top)

Chuck E. Cheese pizza is top 3 pizza for me for sure. Mmmmm.... (Too bad someone stole about 100 tokens from our table). Karma's gonna be a b***h to them.

Some things are just timeless.


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jomo said...

awww damn it. i thought you really did it.