Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Alvinisms 720

"Health is not simply the absence of sickness."

-Hannah Green

Did you know: I've been writing notes on my hand since high school. Moreso in college though.

Thought of the day: Halfway point to this whole ordeal and I feel pretty good. Its crazy to think that I haven't eaten a solid in 5 days and I'm feeling alright. But trust, when its over and done I do want a bowl of ramen, a burrito, and karaage sometime!

Food for thought (countdown):

Day 5 and high 5! I'm doing just fine and feeling good! Yeah I want a burrito or something, shit...anything. But this is good for me in the long run!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This is totally random but when I saw it I had to share it. Sugoi!

Only really got to do one of these things cuz I'm waiting on other circumstances for the rest.

Do I have future in jazz? Look at the picture in the background. Pretty close eh!?! Fatch and sessioned at Danceology cuz we need to get some nuts and bolts tight for the POTY!!!

Did you notice the change of shoes? Dancing is fun! Breakdancing is funner! Yet painful.

After working the Shop on Sunday (my first day of the cleanse) I had to go to Superbowl parties to test myself on the hardest day of the year. Thanks Albert for all the hospitality.

Ro and Gelly looking back at the madness of our work casino party. I spy some dope Willys Workshop stickers. Oh wait, thats my comp.

Friggin there was hella food but the short ribs were by far the hardest to resist. But I did it! Bah, can't look at this too long. Day 5 here I come and go!
After Albert's I headed over to VG's to catch up w/ Eddie, Vince, TK, VG and others to watch a replay of the GSP vs Penn 2 fight...and to get my socks from Toe-Knee.

But the night ended w/ a bunch of us watching "Taken". It's a friggin awesome movie that blows away many Bond-type movies cuz it's more realistic and way more hardcore. You HAVE to watch this movie.

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Linda said...

I watched that movie on Sunday too! So crazy! Liam Neeson is a BAMF.