Monday, February 02, 2009

Alvinisms 719

Some are destined to succeed, some are determined to succeed"

-H. H. Swami Tejomayananda

Did you know: I always carry nailcutters in my backpack.

Thought of the day: I really like this quote. And after 719 quotes it's hard to impress me.

Dude, I feel like I'm either poor or just crazy for doing this. But you know it's getting a lot easier. Believe me that I do want to chew on something or just bite into a some sort of food but my stomach isn't starving and I'm just left w/ this feeling of whatever but not food satisfaction. It's all good because I know that my 26 years of punishing my bottomless pit will thank me when I'm 65. Who knows if I'm retiring the belt of "The Bottomless Pit" all I know is that none of ya'll suckas has even come close. Any takers? Yeah fuck that bitchassness. JK!

Food for thought:

Day 4 and going strong. This has to be the best game invented since Hide & seek or Tag.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I think its good to repost this video so that more people know about what we're doing so we are forced to stick to it. At one point I almost cheated w/ a friggin grape. Are you serious!?! Hahaha. There are officially five of us doing it now and I feel like we're all kinda bonding through it. Hilarious! When we're done we're gonna do something EXTREME!!!

Haha, Allan is taller than the girls so his head is cut off. Time to get this party started! "Fuckin late asians" texted Laurel to me. I know you just missed me!

I love my jobby job. We get to bring friends to our work parties!

I heart these girls. Juli got me here and Laureezy is one of my if not MY favorite white girl.

Gelly was my date to the casino night. Do we have something in our teeth?

Of course Rochelle aka Roro brought her boytoy Mark. When's the next ride? I miss you guys!

Allan brought Frees so it was like having another drinking buddy! I spy you Gelly!

This is before the madness.
Frees has no idea how tonight is gonna end. Hahaha! No more clears for you!

Craps is prolly my favorite gambling game. Go get em Lady Luck!

Allan and Juli's man, Ren illin by the food. It was soo good this year! Way to start the cleanse.

Laurel is excited about something! Free food? Free drinks? Free gambling? Free prizes? Free karaoke? Free friends? Who knows!?! It was fun for everyone!

Don't get Julz on I on the karaoke cuz we'll rip shop!

Once I go solo, it's full out. Thanks for wiping my sweat Juli. Look at the intensity!!!

Bah!!! It's beginning! Hahaha!

You'll see a lot of Gelly, Ro, Julz, and Laurel cuz Frees kept running outside and I'm not gonna post all my coworkers cuz they don't all know about my blog and I haven't asked for permission. Sorry!

Gelly you were all over everyone!

Mr. Motivator is back! I got you off yo couch. Party, chess, movies, concerts. Geez, you owe me Tajima!

Everyone is excited to win some good shit. Ipod nanos? Blu Ray players? $100 massages?

Are you purposely trying to bite your tongue Julz?

Here's the beginning of the Gelly/Roro photoshoot. Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Take 4.

Take 5.

Take 6.

Take 7. And these are only like half of what I got!

Uh oh, Ren and I are trying to find our song!

Christine, I'll never forget that I went to your class on my very first interview day. Thanks for making it easy. See you in New Orleans!

Haha, this is the last picture I have of Frees, she was totally goners. I'm taking "act a fool" type. Hahaha! I and we all still love you! That's my girl!

I was spending "Arab Money!" Fuckin inside jokes. I wish everyone was inside. (That sounds weird)

Dayam girls! Still striking poses!?!

Gelen aka Gelly aka Buns used to be my neighbor. I miss you, even though I've seen you for like the past 4 days! I'd rather run w/ coyotes than here!

Everyone wants a prize. You guys are awesome.

Leather jackets crew.

Laurel you crazy girl. I'll see you in yoga!

Gelly looks like a Native American saying "How!"
This is like a family photo. Drew, Laurel, Ren, Juli and myself. We all win "time of our lives" awards.

Juli and I take good photos. Hahaha! Did we set this up!?! Hahaha! You better default this Juli! Hahaha!

And then we take these type of pictures. I spy Laurel's new toy on the right.

We be blowing up!
Or at least she's trying to.

This is the "Yeah! We're having the time of our lives....wait...where's Althea?" Hahaha!

Chomp chomp! Laurel you have a long ass tongue!

Gelly...not so much. Hahaha! You said it yourself mems! Like the first time we went jogging!

Hands up for a good time!

B walking on the street. My pants are saggin low!

You pick you nose.

Then get mine.

Clean as a whistle. Thanks!

And then its out for the count. I pass out and black out but haven't thrown up in years. Thank you everyone for having fun! Hope my dancing, singing, playing, screaming, and everything else made you smile! Shit, I know it did, you told me so on Monday! Next time! Line dancing or something crazy! Loves!

I gotta plug the new Willys Workshop shirts. They are designed after the legendary Santa Cruz "Screaming Hand".

Too damn sick! Now it's February and time for another party! I actually call it a POTY cuz its the PARTY OF THE YEAR! It's the one party I look forward to every year. Fatch and I are going all out and are even practicing for this one. Can't wait!


jomo said...

that video is hilarious!

Littlefoot said...

hahaha! wiping yo sweat!