Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alvinisms 715

"You wanna party like a fireman?"

-Some girl in the movie "The Wrestler

Did you know: I've officially been at my current teaching job for 2 years on the date.

Thought of the day: Frees and I were at the shop and found this awesome version of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" song. Can't wait for the end of February cuz we're going to New Orleans! Creole, gumbo, jambalaya, cajun, and good ol southern cookin! Emily you gonna hook us up!?!

Food for thought: I got a bunch and am just gonna post em below cuz I won't be posting food photos in the next 10 days.

I know someone's secret! Hahaha!

I told my niece that miso soup is really just hot water and the chefs dip their dirty socks in it.

Seaweed salad is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Crunchy, caterpillar, and a dragon roll make for good eats. I forgot to take a friggin picture of my bulgolgi! Bah! I was too hungry!

Yum!!!!! Salmon cod roe and wasabi tobiko! You gots to try it. Uber dankage.

Kris, TK, Gelly, Alvinism and Jenny. I haven't seen you in 8 years! Jenny used to be my adding when I was at Mount Carmel and she was at Black Mountain. People used to make fun of us cuz she's like a foot taller. Ha!
We ended play chess at Toes place and they were folding my clothes. Haha! I haven't seen Jenny in 8 years and when I do she's folding my undies! Look at the pile in front of her! Thanks!

I love birthdays at my school. Free pizza usually and cupcakes! YES!!!

My other teacher is pretty awesome. She's Indian and she made me some real Indian food. Thank you Ms. Pinky! Allan and I do plan on going to India!

But of you course you can't have a filipino meal w/out the real filipino soda. Sarsi rules! No more food pictures for the next 10 days. Hope ya'll will survive! JK!

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jomo said...

that catepillar is going to TOWN on the be@rbrick. reminds me of me in my old days...