Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alvinisms 716

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."


Did you know: Today we start our cleanse!

Thought of the day: This quote is pretty awesome. Looking back on my life I've done a bunch of nutty things and I'm proud of everything I've done but grabbing my nuts and sacking up is what got me there. From doing jumps on a bike as kid to joining the hockey or football team or doing this cleanse.

Here I am on the verge of doing what I love and do best, eating like pig. But its what's best for my body so I have to do it and I will. Here's to feeling good about what you do and about feeling good mentally and physically.
i know someone's secret! hahaha!

Food for thought (countdown):
I'm not gonna do this section for the next 10 days cuz it'll make me hungry. So I'll just turn this into a countdown...
Hi! Bye! 143! -TK ( (I found this Toe-Knee)

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Video contract of the Freezers. So serious!!!

So we've been hella porkin it since we're doing this crazy cleanse. I had a Chili's gift card for $50 and we ate there 2 times. Oishi!!! Steak to go!

Buffalo wings and some pretty sweet southwestern eggrolls.

Then it was off to El Torito for Vanessa aka Gummybear's birthday.

Round of Patron on a Thursday at El Torito? That's a first. Thanks Toes.

Two of the funniest people I know.

Nessa and brother Adanas. Dude, that last shot of Henny was the tipping point brotha.

When she was chuggin water we all thought this was when she was gona throw up. But like a trooper all the Wildgirlz are she didn't.

We are the cleaning crew: Freezers, Alvinism, and Cile. We blownin up and...

Slimmin down and making ourselves spic and span again. It's funny that you can't do it Cile!

We have some funny ass videos but we can't share em. Sorry! Only if you're a Wildboy or Wildgirl for this one! Plus only we'd think its funny anyhow.

Happy birthday Nessa. I love you! WBZ & WGZ 4 Life!!!

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