Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alvinisms 710

"You can't shine shit."


Did you know: Allan and Gelly are the best challenges I've played in chess. If you game, lets play!

Thought of the day: In reference to my quote of the day, its totally not true. I saw it on Mythbusters where they shined shit w/ just water and patience. So take that! I also believe in real life that you can get through life's bumps in the road w/ the support of friends and an optimistic outlook. A bunch of distractions help too but not necessary. This is gonna be a good week of work cuz I work w/ my favorites! I smell either the yoga room and/or Tajima!

Happy birthdays to Riz from London, Jamie Pinay booty, and Eunice You Nice.

Food for thought:

I'm gonna try to eat more vegetables.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I almost beat the 2nd place finisher last tourney and this time I'm gonna go for the gold!

Meghan is my Bluh. Bluh.

Joe! This is an SAA (Short Ass Asians) and introducing our newest member Juli! Welcome!

Guil and Jomo trying to figure something out and getting frustrated I'm guessing.
I wonder what Nans sees.

I dunno but! She's trying to kill me!

This is taking "I wanna make love in the club" (Usher) to a whole new level.

Wilfredo and Tristan illin.

Angela is the coolest lebion!

I dunno what's up w/ this face. But Angela, Frees and Sheryl look good!

Jomo why are you trying to kiss me?

Ruby is practically flawless. Love you ma!

Its a SwearBoyz takeover! Oh no!!!

Fatch's head is twice the size of Sheryl's. Haha! Don't hate me!

Fullerton represent.

I like this picture of us Juli.

Hey Annie here's the picture of you! Glad you found your cammie!

I've known Anabel since like 8th grade. If I was in school now I'd be in the 20th grade

This is one of my splash page pictures of Tiananmen Square but Legofied. Pretty sick.

Here's a quote you prolly saw in one of your classrooms in elementary on a poster, "Stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone." It's perfect for this picture. Word.


Littlefoot said...

you know i love you alvin!!!! spike lee where we come!!!

jomo said...

it's cuz i love you dude!