Monday, January 26, 2009

Alvinisms 711

"Strive for perfection so you can settle for excellence."

-Kris Saradpon

Did you know: The government allows 12 rat hairs per gallon of peanut butter.

Thought of the day: Frees and I signed a contract (literally) to some gnarly stuff. More on that tomorrow. Time to pork the fuck out cuz this is gonna be tough. The key is to be tougher, not matter what.

Food for thought:

Saturday we tried to make it out to Embarcadero for this. But Gelly took too long so we missed it. (Hahaha! Blast!)

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Here's a video from Joe Friday aka of coverage of Embarcadero. Shit I'm sad we missed it.

We didn't plan this but you know I wasn't about to take off my red!

All you need is a hot dog for this mustard and ketchup. Wait, that sounds dirty.

We made a stop at Active Ride Shop to visit Nanners but ended up playing dress up. Just like we do at the Shop sometimes!

When I saw this helmet I thought it was either from an old picture I thought looked like Toe-Knee and Kimtan or from Smash TV. Both were wrong but its close!

This could totally be Toe-Knee & Kimtan. Not the same helmet.
This helmet was a lot closer but no match here. This game was awesome though!

After some shopping we treated ourselves to some Basic pizza. Yum-O's

The ultimate unibrow and mustache.

Gelly calls me "Mr. Motivator". I'm not doing such a good job here.

Jomo and I now have art at Bumsville. Mine is the ridiculous one. Or the red one.

We didn't trace our hands while we were doing this.

Just the way I like to roll. Straight bloodin!

Backseat love.

"No way! BAM!!!" (I don't know what I was thinking that night.)

Jason and I were best friends from 4th-6th grade. Here he is w/ Sheryl and Gelly. Stealer! Hahaha! JK! Love you man!

We might not look like it, but we're brothers. WBZ4Life.

Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls I do adore.....(Hey TK! Hahahaha!)

Juli and Terry are cute-o!!!

We're still not over our art pieces.

Jomo...this is kinda homo. Hahahaha!

Mr. Cato Williams in the hizzy!!! I miss you at the Shop man! When it warms up we're going deep sea fishing. But when I got to Virginia w/ him we gonna go crabbin! Congrats on the new pup in the pack!

Mysterioso...except Sheryl about to "honk honk chomp chomp"

I owe you so much Julz. Love you girl.

Someone please tell me what's going on in this picture. I like it anyway.

Rare sighting of Eddie aka Hamster aka The Local Hero w/out his lokes.

TK and Alysha cuddling in the club.

Well the next day I did make it out Embarcadero. And then I skated all the way back to Bumsville.

Go out and do your own thing sometimes. Its liberating.

San Diego is too damn nice.


Walking through the Convention Center and skating around Embarcadero minus all the people was a really nice experience.

Upclose and personal.

Good bye ASR.

You reach crossroads everyday of your life.

I admit it, I finally appreciate DT.

Sheryl wearing Toe-Knee's jeans is straight hood!!!

You belong in the movie Friday girl!

And then we go eat at Shmancy Extraordinary Desserts for breakfast. Nice.

Smoked salmon w/ avocado. What else could you ask for?

Later that night I took Nanners out to Mama Mia for some amazing Italian food and cool atmosphere. If you haven't been here, lemme know! I'm always down for this place. This is the Jumbo Ravioli Inamoratti. Ohhh yeah. My Ultimate.

Nans got pasta w/ I think chicken and spinach. It was actually really good. See! Vegetables can be good!

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