Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alvinisms 696

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone"

-Bill Cosby (Thanks Tristan)

Did you know: Your nose hair still grows after you die. (Thanks again Tristan)

Thought of the day: Back to work for me. And boy do I need it cuz there are a few expenses to take care of and a whole lot more fun stuff to do! Things to possibley do this year? Mt. Rushmore South Dakota, Boracay in April w/ Toes, learn how to fix a car, buy a car, blah blah blah. Time to set some goals.

Food for thought:

Yeah we ate McDonald's, they got a Big Mac McChicken Sandwich. Shit was big and dank!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz
This is our view the first night. Cairo at night w/ a little haze is beautiful.
Flashing lights.
Daytime in Cairo, Egypt.
Have you seen this mysterious man?
First night/morning in (4 am-ish) we were too hungry and thirsty so we ordered hella expensive room service.
The poor man's fisheye.
Just thought this looked cool.
We made it son.
First day up and we went to the Cairo Tower to scope what the city looks like.
It looks pretty damn sick.
WBZ Worldwide.
Feel free to set this as your wallpaper. Haha. Its like a greyscale; w/ the Great Pyramid in the background!
The city is pretty much endless.
TK modeling.
I'm not a very patient model.
To the tippy top.
Walk like an Egyptian.
Willys Workshop Worldwide.
Rich and I sharing photos.
The Tree of life.

It started getting cold so we headed out to the Egyptian Museum to see King Tut, his treasures and all the other goodies Egypt has to offer.
More extreme crotch shots!
This is about as organized as it gets in Egypt, even so you can see the car on the right riding the line. There's no such thing as lanes there.
This was 2 feet from being a complete disaster.
We finally found the Egyptian Museum where they kept most if not ALL of the goods from the tombs. We even got to see all of King Tut's stuff which was a highlight of the trip. But they don't allow cameras in the museum. Before we left we all sat on the steps and took in what we had just seen cuz 95% of you will not see the wonders we saw in that museum. Unforgettable.
But we did a sneak attack and took a quickie w/ the point n shoot. We would've been in hella trouble if we got caught.

I forgot who this statue was of.

Cairo sunset.

Crossing from west bank to the east bank.

Discovering the wonders of the city.

And forming new boy bands. What's the name of your group Toes?

Look at our stupid magoo poses while we try to arrange the shot.

Egyptian lovers. Like the song. No homo.


Richie Rich.


The security guards want some of the action.

You know what kind of photo this is...EXTREME CROTCH SHOTS! This is what happens when you travel w/ all dudes.

Jump for joy, we made it!

This is what the Cairo Tower looks like at night. The lights twirl and make patterns to make a show every hour, every night for a couple hours.

I spy a Happy New Year.

I found the first Chili's w/out a bar. WTF!?!

But we were able to catch an awesome belly dancing show.

Her name was Soraya and she was pretty damn good and so was the band.

I couldn't understand him but he kept smiling and making us laugh.

Maybe its the Egyptian beer that made things funny...

Just like the boat ride Tee, you're greedy! Hahaha!

After a full day of the Cairo Tower, Egyptian Museum, Egyptians and belly dancing we heading out to the slums to find food and drinks. But we found a Mobil gas station and loaded up on goodies for the room!
Yes, that's right! Naruto chocolate milk! I don't even find this in Mitsewa, but they got it in Egypt! Hahaha!

Kinda sketchy, but we found our food joint.

He was nice to let us go in the back and pose w/ the stuff but Sultoe didn't speak an ounce of English. By the looks of it he doesn't work w/ a computer much either.

He thought we had no money and wanted to give us the food for free. Instead I have him a few extra bucks for being a cool (but dirty) dude. I can't believe we ate the fries he picked up w/ his brown/black hands.

We figured that this means, give me money.

He even brought out a shirt for Toes to wear and matchy match. That shirt was just as dirty. Haha!

One order of dirt fries coming right up.

Our stomachs weren't feeling so good after eating so wild street meat. But ho hum! When in Rome...well in this case. When in Cairo, do as the Cairainians? I mean, Egyptians.

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jomo said...

hahaha good shit dude! i can't believe you guys were standing in the middle of the street. the buildings look beautiful at night with the streetlights and spotlights.