Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alvinisms 695 Egypt

"Ramses 124! Ramses 124!"


Did you know: Only male turkeys gobble.

Thought of the day: So this is what jetlag feels like. I have no idea when to sleep and how long I should be sleeping for. Maybe its the alcohol from the shotguns or if I shouldn't have slept 3 hours after the Charger game but I have this weird dizzy feeling.

But all I know is that we are all soo happy to be back in the States. Don't get me wrong cuz Egypt was amazing but getting stuck for over 14 hours in the Cairo airport and being forced to spend an extra night and being on the edge of not coming home just takes its toll.

Upon arrival to SD the adventure didn't stop cuz Terry got pulled over trying to pick us up and there was the best surprise in the trunk (Thanks Nanners!). Usually after a long trip, you go home and Nope! We went out downtown and partied! WTF!?! It took me like 3 drinks and I was ready to knock the eff out. And that's exactly what I did when we got back to Bumsville. And that's where I got the best sleep I've had in like 14 days. Enjoy the pictures in the next couple of Alvinisms.

Food for thought:

Filet mignon dinners in first clizzass!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Wildboyz Cribs First Class from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo
On our way to Frankfurt, Germany sitting.....FIRST CLASS SON!

Richard and I barely made it to Washington DC from San Francisco.
But once we all were there, we flew first class all the way to Germany! Holla!

Private movable screens, hella room, and free drinks make for a easy 9 hours.

To fly first class you gotta look first class. I hate dressing up.
Another perk about first class is the food they feed you is totally amazing! A plate of cheese!?! What else could you want!?!
Hello Germany!

I love trains and subways!

We had a hard time trying to figure out how to get to the city. All we wanted was some beer in Germany and some grub.

We made it!

All the pictures are from TK, Richard and I in no particular order.

This one is for Ollie.

Everything is alwasy so cool in a different country.

Just look at the streetlights; they're cool too!

Hmmm, can you tell who's questionable.

There was a lot going on there. Let us know if you see Wildboyz in German TV.

The gnarly part was being in the middle of a huge rally for peace in the Gaza strip.

It was a really humbling experience to see all these people rallying for peace. But it was also kinda intense being the middle of it all.

Peaceful but meaningful demonstration. I told you we had an intense trip. We haven't even gotten to Egypt yet!

Can't even tell you how big the square was or how powerful it was.

Peace Rally in Germany from Alvin Benavidez on Vimeo.
Peace not just in the middle east, but all over the world.

German bratwurst in Germany.

TK copping a feel on the bull.

Both Wildboyz are questionable! JK!

What are you looking at bear?

I think Richard is trying to smell the bull.

All my change fell out my pockets and the locals started laughing. Ho well! When in Germany!

It was -2 degrees celsius.

Why are you crying little boy?

This street performer failed. Haha, and Rich is paying no attention.
We found the Rodeo drive of Frankfurt.

But we found what we were really looking for! A bar to drink German beer in Germany! That is was as big as my head!

TK said he'd drink beer in 2009.

Thank you Germany for your hospitality and blistering cold weather. Time to do what we came to do.

Back on the train.

There was hella tagging in the subway.

Imagine seeing this on both sides.

At every stop and at every like 20 feet.

Too sik.

Germany has sick bboys too.

Ray this one is for you.

It funny how hip hop and culture spreads so fast and so hardcore all over the world.

Last one.

Wildboyz 4 life and worldwide son.

I love my stretchy hoodie.

Can I model for Abercrombie?
This picture makes me feel skinny.


Cairo bound! Keep reading for updates!

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