Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Alvinisms 691

Check out MTV Cribs Part 2 at The Marriott Courtyard w/ The Wildboyz

MTV Cribs: Part II from tkofthewildboyz on Vimeo.

"Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine, a bit of unscheduled plea"

-Unknown (I've used this before but it applies right now)

Did you know: I rolled my ankle right before I performed at HOB.

Thought of the day: In accordance to my "did you know", I was in a little pain but the adrenaline of performing and the alcohol coursing through my veins made me feel just fine. And throughout the night I didn't feel shit cuz I was so happy to be jumping around, hugging folks, drinking dranky dranks, dancing like a madman, etc etc etc. Thanks to everyone for making this New Year's Eve definitely one of THE best NYEs if not THE BEST NYE so far. Cheers to a new year.

In accordance to my quote of the day. our Egypt trip got postponed by one day because we couldn't get on the standby flight but!..Luckily we can just add another day to the end and!...we got stranded in SF where we met up w/ Leo and just did what we could out here. Random! But that's how you gotta travel man, go w/ the wind cuz if you let little things ruin your trip then you won't have fun.

When I found out that we'd end up staying, I was honestly bummed but I knew this was just an opportunity to make the story funner and more interesting. Egypt is growning legs and running off so its all good! Here's to round to and a trip to Washington DC! Tip for traveling: Pack light and tight...Oh wait you all know that. Here's another tip: Keep an open mind to changes. See you guys.

Food for thought:

You can never go wrong w/ good ol fashioned Philly Cheesesteak.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

My pops didn't want me to leave my truck in DT (downtown) so I left it at TK's and ended up going w/ him DT at 1030 am. Here's the prep at HOB.

There's all kind of secret shit at the Marriott Courtyard. Thank you Ashley for the rooms, it was nice meeting you. Dubai!?!

You see the whole row of windows in the front? Yeah, we run those cuz the whole Mezzanne floor belonged to us.

I had to run around DT running errands but one of them was picking up Tristan at the airport. Glad you made it! Im sweating cuz I had tech.






Spotlights on Claudia and Lora.

Someone kept saying, "everyone wants to be w/ TK". Mwahaha!

Preparty time! Imagine 6 rooms full of crazzies.

Two of the craziest people I know.

Will of SuperGalacticBeatManipulators and Chantha of Team Millennia. BTW, TM made America's Best Dance Crew again so make sure to watch it and vote!

Chanthers first made TM when I was captain. She's become an amazing dancer, leader, and person. Now's she's a crazy party animal like me too!

If you're wondering why I'm not dressed up its cuz I performed w/ Funkanometry SD at HOB.

Roommies Raelynn and April.

Dang! Stacey and I way back in the dance days. OGs gotta stick together ya know! Jef it was nice meeting you "Boss". Come down anytime.

This is Team Egypt. Everyone was, will, and might go to Egypt.

Vince and is faces!

2/3 of the tripod that throws the illest event, World Of Dance.

Who's ready to "make love in the club!"

Dayam! This picture Nanners you look H-O-T!

Creep on in there TK.

Alley and I go back to 7th grade when her, Raelynn and I used to dance w/ Allegro. 11 years later we dancing together again. It's a small world.

Ray, Chris and I all used to be captains for Team Millennia. Hence the "TM" we made, we're not just posing dumb. Ha!

Congratulations to Lora on recently getting engaged to Tarzan!

I feel like I almost moved into Bumsville. You bitches are all amazing! Breakfast burrito anyone?

Chantha kept saying to me, "I love Annabelle!"

Fatch is always pimpin.

Ojay and Michelle are fun times. Sorry we're not going to Petra Michelle but we don't wanna die passing through Israel.

Guess who I got to kiss when the ball dropped.

Welcome 2009!!!

Tarzan used to be in a Bboy crew called "The Mildboyz" in response to "The Wildboyz". Ha! You guys better have won that battle!

Double J: Jenny and Jomo.

Best friends since preschool: Eddie and Al.

Chris you gotta get rid of that stache.

Mar and I kept saying, "You're cute!" followed up w/ "you're lesbian!" Mwahaha! Love you girl! You're fun times!

Trinh's been a sweetheart since middle school. I didn't post all the pictures cuz I got some incriminating ones, wild ones, quazi nude ones. If you wanna see em, you gotta see me. So get at me...oh wait, I'm in Egypt!!! Hope your new year is starting off great!


ChanthanatoR said...

i love you alvineezy! I had the time of my life at NYE. I don't remember anything :)

jenandkerosene said...

That video is straight RETARDED! I love it!! Bring me back some of that Egyptian carpet.. haha. Best NYE ever.. I'm glad to have rang in the New Year with you, Alvinism! Have the time of your life in Egypt and come back home safely with good stories!