Friday, January 02, 2009

Alvinisms 492

"Absence makes the heart grow fond."

-Sextus Propertius

Did you know: Just to get to Egypt we've woke up at 6 am, drove to Carlsbad, flew to LAX, flew to San Francisco, spent a night and kicked it w/ Leo, barely made it to Germany, illed in Washington DC, go to Frankfurt, Germany and finally make it to Cairo where we don't have anything booked.

Thought of the day: If you read my "did you know" you can understand how wild our adventures have been and will be. Its so damn crazy right now. On our flight to Washington Richard and I were the number 4 and 5 passengers to get on the flight. Guess what seats were left...Yup, 4 and 5, we were the very last ones to get on, and if we didn't get on, TK would've had to wait for us in DC for a while! This is crazy!

Not only that but we couldn't get on yesterday so we ended up staying in San Francisco, eating chicken w/ Leo and taking pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge. Can you say "WE LOVE RANDOM!" Whatever happens we'll do our best to keep ya'll updated.
Won't spoil you w/ tons of pictures yet so just enjoy the little teasers from each day, I hope. God bless ya'll!!!

Food for thought:

This chicken was "THE BOMB ASS CHICKEN!" exclaimed Toe-Knee.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

A little haze wasn't a bad thing. Don't you wish you were jet settin w/ us!?!

I jump for joy nuckas!

Thanks for picking us up Leo. We'll come visit for real sometime soon. Maybe on the way back!?! I don't see why not!

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