Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alvinisms 688

"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

-J. K. Rowling

Did you know: We had to cut Petra out of the Egypt trip, but we are adding Luxor to it.

Thought of the day: You know, when I first started writing Alvinisms they were often profound, deep, and/or inspiring. Perhaps its the lack of time in a day or a more focus on posting the pictures w/ captions that have taken away from them but it's definitely something I'd like to bring back. Don't expect an emo Alvinism everyday or whatnot but I just find it much easier to write about something that strikes the heart or I'm passionate about. So ho hum diddly dum 2 days till Egypt. I hope TK and I will be able to take you along for the ride.

Food for thought:

These are Muddy Buddies, my favorite desert/snack of all time. Thank you Nessa and Jojobean for always making them and thinking of me! Loves!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

The girls were outta control this Xmas, grubbing first and getting drunk early. It brings a tear to my eye. JK!

WBZ 4 Life. Some of us have known each other for 20 years some for like 5. No matter what, we are all best friends.

And over the years, our family has grown, some have left more have come. And we welcome everyone to join in our fun. Hmm...that rhymes.

Allan and JR and Hilltop legends.

TJ and I bet on Forrest Griffin to win. I had to do Michael Jackson (aka hump the ground...long story) and TJ had to do helluvas.

Yo booty is rotund!

Who has longer and flowing hair, Michelle or Ojay?

Get it Jason! Concentrate!

2 of the many former dancers of Urban FX. You guys are awesome.

Sexy Toes. Sexy.

Lemme run my hands through your head. You're like a Filipino superstar!

KJ always is ready for a picture.

#1 Roommates in Poway.

Every face tells a different story.

Nanners, you my Main Squeeze.

Oh my Willy Santos Jr!!!

One day. Not so soon. But for sure one day.

How come this looks like Anabel and I had the baby? Hahaha!

Junior has got Uncles, Aunties and babysitters galore.

Annabelle X Anabel

This is like a family portrait. Oh wait! Those are coming right up!

Christmas card picture time! Pat and Suze are cute-O!

And w/ Anabel too. Hahah! Nice smile Patsy!

I want this signed w/ a message inside next year.

You guys would make and awesome lesbian couple.

This is the "Frees, your supposed to sit on that" pose.

And they finally got it right.

I like this candid shot w/ Freezers sleeping. Mwahaha! Gotcha!

Welcome back SIR!

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