Monday, December 29, 2008

Alvinisms 689

"Your attitude determines your altitude."


Did you know: Rich and I are reconsidering Egypt because of all the craziness going on over there. But you know me, not much holds me back.

Thought of the day: Nothing's gonna stop me from achieving my goals. Unless of course its something I can't control. But that's one thing you gotta know about me; its when I'm focused and motivated, shit gets done and even in the face of crazy adversity, I'll be smiling at the end. See you guys in Egypt!

Whew! All the madness going on in Israel isn't stopping Rich and I from dominating the world. It might be a bit scary but when is traveling somewhere new complete risk free? Just gotta have common sense, be aware, and charm yourself outta trouble yah know!

Food for thought:

Applewood Smoked Scallops with Tomato Jam, Prosciutto Chip, and Basil Dressing.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

At least you didn't fall on your face tonight!

Movie night in my room!!! I have a rug now!

Verna and I have a long history of knives. Steal me the one off your wall!
I love pigs in a blanket and especially the ones wrapped w/ bacon and brown sugar. I need to detox from the unhealthy foods for sure.

Freezers united!

I first met you at Jerel's place mama. I'm glad we're friends.

But this one!!! Hahaha! The first time I met Suzette she tried to kick me out of the upstairs of Elainne's house. I said, "I'm Elainne's bestest friend!" She said, "Oh, okay." Hahaha. Love you Suze, here's to more random nights.

If you girls just took one step back you would've all fit. Ha!

KJ tells you to watch out for Willy Jr.

Preez won the award for "Time of my Life". Hope you're feeling better!

There is no way I could've fit all you girls in one shot.

Nice Rose...Haha!

You're still making that face mans!!!

How bout some Dirty Sanchez mustaches?

TM's finest.

Can't you tell?

We do NOT have puppy dog eyes. Haha!

Show em what you're working with.

Before the were the 101 boyz, there was Nutwood. COLLEGE LIFE!

Nans!!! What are you doing to my Freezers!?!

Now you gotta protect yoself from Frees backing that thang up. Dang Frees! you and that DONKAY!

Get it MC!!!

It seems like each girl got to drink their own bottle of Asti. You know Jenny loves hers.

Cuz this is ladies night...

Best friends. Here comes a car! Kung fu!
Isn't this just an awesome setting for a Christmas.

I love pictures w/ genuine laughs and smiles.

It looks like Cheryl found something she likes! She likey!

Even after 50 people macked down there were enormous amounts of food left.

KJ rules the roost when it comes to karaoke. Check the crowd he drew.

Special performance for you!

Get your cameras ready cuz its always a memorable experience.
But Leo is definitely a contender. No one does Andrew E better than Leoports.

Just look at the reactions!!!

Bust out even more cameras!

We were in for a treat cuz even Cile came out and busted on the mic w/ her Rihanna's "Umbrella" Aye! Aye! Aye!

Now she's into it and so is the rest of the crew! Yeah frees!

Her man, JR, backs her up.

Oh what to sing next.Look at everyone nice faces and find the two that aren't.
Here's a clue if you didn't find the odd couple.

Jenny you make the funniest faces too!

But all of these faces are priceless as well!

By the end of the night it was just these two wailing out on the karaoke. Thank you everyone for the 11th annual Wildboyz Christmas Party.


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