Sunday, December 28, 2008

Alvinisms 687

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else."

-Judy Garland

Did you know: Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.

Thought of the day: Today's game against the Denver Broncos was one of epic proportions due to all the circumstance that had to fall into place for this opportunity just to happen. 4 weeks ago, TK and I and the rest of the season ticket holders crew were sulking w/ our heads hung low and our tail between our legs. But come Week 17 we had a chance to redeem ourselves and show the world what San Diego's about and what we can do. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of spectacular. Of all the downfalls, upsets, and disappointments of the year, we came roaring back and topped it off w/ cherry. Thank you Chargers for making this a wild year. What a way to finish 2008.

On the other hand, HOB performance and Egypt are right around the corner and shit I'm stressed and busy as hell. It doesn't help that my truck broke and its gonna cost another $1000 to fix it but that'll hit me later. Till then Imma try to keep my head above the water and smile at the sunshine, cuz sometimes it smiles back. Have a great Monday nuckas.

Food for thought:

Tilapia, collard greens, grits, sausage, corn explosion. Whenever I think of corn I imagine it sticking out of your poop. But that doesn't stop it from tasting sooo damn good!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Preparty at Bumsville. Look at Nans prepping to get scooped by TK. Ha!

TK rocking his crop top flannel.

Brothers caught w/ candid faces.

Roommates. Wait, that's not Michelle, thats Meghan!

TAA + Alvin = Giul, Gion, Steven, Toe-Knee, Joe, and yours truly.

Up, down, up, down, up and Freddy laughing as TK smacks Guil and Steven in the gonads. Look at the faces of elation on TK and Joe's face!

I think you might have crushed Bin's future.

Look at their next try on the photo. Hahahaha!!!!! Priceless.

Ooo Meg, this is default status! Mwahaha!

TK and I tried; but uhh...not so much.

And let the photoshoot begin.

What are you guys looking at?

Angel and devil picture. I just notice that the drink matches the shirt.

No angels in this one.

Laughter and hugs are nature's greatest medicine.

No oops faces. Fun times. Even though I shouldn't have predrank again w/ you. Geez!!!

I remember the StarBar days. Lets visit Gemma sometime.

Irish is the ultimate lap dog. He will actually put his paw on you and spoon.

Here he's giving the puppy dog eyes to someone.

Bah! He's giving you the puppy dog eyes now!

Irish you are too cool my friend.

I didn't bring my camera into the club so I got no pictures apparently it was a complete success. Congratulations to Edwin, Ollie, and TK on

After we all crashed at Bums we headed off to The Grubbery (owned by the Ly family, and its so damn good so come in!) for some of the best sandwiches and orange slices in town. Not to mention Brianna just had a new baby. Congratulations!

Donuts in the morning, paninis in the afternoon, and great owners all the time!

I love how it comes w/ a pickle on each half! Its a small thing but makes a big difference! Oh BTW, the oranges are tops!

We had a reuben and another one, I just remember smiling while chewing. Thanks sis!

Brooke (Jenny's niece) is too cute. Jenny, you're an awesome Auntie.

Here's to a nice night ride to clear the mind. Bring on the Wildboyz Xmas Party!!!

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