Friday, December 26, 2008

Alvinisms 686

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

-James Dean

Did you know: The “D” in D-Day stands for “Day” - “Day- Day”.

Thought of the day: I just got back from the Annual Wildboyz Christmas Party and I just have that amazingly good feeling inside. Not because of alcohol or cuz I'm a cupcake, but just because I love my friends and just interacting, watching, playing, etc. w/ them just puts a smile on my face.

Some I've known for 15 years some I've know for 3 but no matter what every gathering w/ have together I just sit back, watch, observe, enjoy and just take in how happy everyone makes me. So to all ya'll that were there and to those who weren't; I just want to say thank you sooo much. I hope I have impacted your lives as much as you have mine.

Food for thought:

Cheez-It herb crusted chicken. That's right! Cheez-its! Now TK's favorite snack is now part of a delicious meal! Who wants to try it?

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

All done! It's not pretty but fuck it let's ride!

Who knew turning left into your driveway could end up like this.

I'm gonna be carless for like 2 days so who's down to carpool!?!

Hey Leo. "Oh my God, it popped out!!!"

Xmas wasn't a bust cuz Nanners came up (sorry for bad directions) and rescued me. Happy ending to a wild Xmas. The next day we did random everything and nothing. Here we are at the Carroll Knott Bridge. Look it up. PQ got some demons in it's closet.

It's not so scary during the day right!?! Hey Terry, let's go!!!

After chillin w/ T0e-Knee for a minute and eating at Fuddrucker's w/ her bro, wife, and friend we stopped by Miramar Lake cuz she's never been.

I was once a Mighty Duck.

Look at them flock for the rock I threw. They might think to themselves, "this is the hardest piece of bread ever!!!"

Chilly willy out there.


We got back to Bums and took naps. She took a longer one so I went around the block to shoot pictures.

I didn't go too far cuz all the bums were kinda scary. Ha!

Thank you Nanners for rescueing me from boredom and losing my mind!

This would have been so cool if they had a Touchdown Jesus like at USC.

Steven, Joe, Terry, Annabelle and I got Mona Lisa's before a wild night at Onyx/Thin. That's to come tomorrow.

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