Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Alvinisms 664

"If anythings worth trying, its worth trying 10 times."

-Art Linkletter

Did you know: Albert Nobel (Nobel Peace Prize) created dynamite.

Thought of the day: It's 4 am Thursday and KJ, Ving and I just got home from teaching Mavyn a routine. I still have work then the Charger game. This is gonna be a loooong day. Good night.

I didn't think Meg would actually put our conversation up on her blog but she did and its pretty funny so here it is on mine:

Meg: im thinking of xmas girfts
Meg: gifts*
alvin44222: oh
alvin44222: hahah
alvin44222: fuck it
alvin44222: imma just write gay poems
Meg: hahaha
Meg: that should be interesting
alvin44222: tk your so tall and i love you when we get the call...of DUTY
alvin44222: video games are must
alvin44222: your room is just..
alvin44222: SO FUN
alvin44222: we club and drink and dance
alvin44222: we need to travel to england or france
alvin44222: ...
alvin44222: OR EGYPT!
Meg: nothing rhymes with egypt
Meg: hahahah now what
alvin44222: merry xmas to you and your family too
alvin44222: I LOVE YOU! WILDBOYZ 4 LIFE!
alvin44222: hows that for an xmas gift
Meg: lovely poem i must say.. haha you're insane in the membrane alvin.

Food for thought:

Chick pea and bread soup covered in melted cheese!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Hello downstairs roommies! The Reubsters and Iris Love!

U-31 on Sundays for Reggae night w/ Cato or Miso Harneys on Saturday. Holla!

Look at Sprig all dressed up and skating in the Shop. See you next Friday homie!

I got new kicks! "You blood!?! You bang!?!"

Now THIS is a picnic sandwich; courtesy of Brad Staba.


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