Monday, December 01, 2008

Alvinisms 662

"Thank you."

-A parent from my school

Did you know: I've been a teacher for over 2 years now from both Japan and in the US.

Thought of the day: In relation to the quote of the day, it was said to me by a parent of student from my school. When she walked in to pick him/her up it was a common "hello, thank you, and good bye" as like the rest of them but then they picked up their child, looked me in the eye and proceeded to tell me how they appreciate how I handle her child in particular.

This child isn't the quietest, calmest, or outgoing individual but who is; and I've always been taught that "you have to reach the heart before you can reach the mind" so if I was going to have a chance to reach out to them, they had to trust me, believe in me, and just like me in general. So that's where our friendship started and its funny how its become apparent to the parents and I look forward to our moments where we just sit on the bench and watch other kids.

I'm no where near the teacher I want to be but its moments like these that let me know I'm going the right way.

Food for thought:

*Geez louise (Hahahaha! Followed up by a "touche!")

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

MC's Finest: Brandon, Orrie, Jeremy, Alvin, and Alex.

Chompage all day all night.

Sausage, cheese, and chili from some new friends in D4. I love tailgating!

We lost last week so Chris had to wear new jeans. Looks like you need to wear some new ones for this Thursday brother.

I like this picture of you two. Oh, some of these photos are courtesy of Ollie's blog.

Sunglass models. Hey Frees, look! He got the ones I wanted w/ the red inside! Maybe I am a blood.

I just love the juxtaposition of Toes.

But homie falls asleep everywhere!

The past "Natrone Means" (the running back in our 1995 Superbowl run) and the present "LT".

I told you he sleeps everywhere. But its okay cuz he works all night. He's a vampire. Literally.

Are you barely waking up or are you sleeping w/ your eyes open like Chach does sometimes. Ha!

We moved to midfield to find sun cuz it was hella cold.

What you don't see is Ollie and TK stuffed in the backseat along w/ April, Stephanie and I.

Not the most comfortable position I've been in.

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