Monday, November 24, 2008

Alvinisms 655

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering, and take without forgetting."

-Princess Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco

Did you know: The word "Checkmate" in chess comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat," which means "the king is dead".

Thought of the day: I am so disappointed in myself right now. There is not an ounce of self control in my body when it comes to food. We got lunch catered at my work and lo and behold there's a grip of leftover. So, here I come minding my own business about to clock out when Christine, another teacher, asks me to take home food. Here's what's gonna come out my butt in the next couple days.

-8 enchiladas
-5 rolled tacos
-carne asada chips

I'll see you guys at the gym or running around the neighborhood.

Food for thought:

Spinach and feta stuffed, bacon wrapped, chicken breasts. Why do I torture myself. I think I'm gonna get rid of this section because its not good for me.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

You aint gotta do crap till dinnertime the next day so you might as well be recovering from a wild night w/ the Wildboyz.

This is the epitome of my weekend. A blur.

Preez makes one of my favs: pigs in a blanket w/ spicy mayo.

I ate sooo much before dinner even started.

That's a fat hole ready to be stuffed!

Suze, you're the best!

And let the good times roll.

Josie is the best cook. Toss it up.

Oh, BTW, we had a little photobooth so you'll see a bunch of these pictures.

Viet mafia.

Of course, I'm first in line to eat.

Black Moutain Middle School alumni. Missing a few.

Shoot! Ya'll were praying w/ beer cups! Ghettooooo!!!

There were just as much deserts as main dishes.

Nice Cile. Nice.

Hahaha! High school days. The General Days.

You guys are cute-o!

You guys are some of my favorite girls to watch on stage.

The Coolest Uncles.

FREES! Hahaha, so serious w/ the pillow!

3 of the fab 5.

No comment.

Original Wildgirls. Did you know there are 21 Wildboyz but 13 originals.

OGs w/ WBZ OG Ollie.

And now w/ Eddie.

I wonder if this is where the wrestling started.

You know it was a good time w/ big smiles like this.

George this is the gayest picture ever.

Scripps and Meccatown.

The Royal Rumble.

Summer Slam.

Nutwood 4 Life.

I love you Bestest!

TK and I were twins: H&M, Canons, and hella dope Nixon watches. THANK YOU ANNABELLE!

This picture puts a smile on my face.
Emo hair w/ the Freezers. Lots more pictures to come!

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