Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alvinisms 656

"Laughter is inner jogging."

-Norman Cousins

Did you know: The word "samba" means "to rub navels together."

Thought of the day: This weekend was full of a lot more alcohol than I wanted. This week is full of more food than I want. So, I'm dedicating this week of letting loose to more like buckling down; because if I really can control myself this week, any other time should be easy. That means less food (even if its free), less hard partying (even if there is an occasion), more productivity and activity (even if I don't like it).

You don't make dean's list w/out working hard so fuck it. Time to refocus.

Food for thought:

This is a chess roll...it's sponge cakes with caramel cream, in wafer sheet. You had me at chess and caramel.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

If you see me there, I prolly won't be belligerent but I promise to be fun!

I'm working the Mira Mesa shop from 1030-30 w/ Fatch and Chris so come by to shop and chill w/ the Wildboyz.

It's like college all over again. Shotguns!!!

Toes is not used to this. He's used to pouring liquor down people's throats.

So he got a mulligan.

But he spilled some of it on The General's shoes so he had to be Cinderalla.

Roomie and almost roomie! KJ and Krissy are the coolest.
Yoga in the middle of a party!?!

Freddy loves him some free dank food!

Party people in the Neglerio house. Vince is laughing pretty hard.

Is this a picture of what you guys will be like in the near future?

WILDBOYZ 4 LIFE!!! (I spy booty)

Pure elation.

I have the emo hair but Frees has the emo face.

KJ is worshiped in some countries as the greatest karaoke singer on the planet.

Ollie's got a song he sings ever year.

101 boyz get it up.

Whispering sweet nothings!?!

Hahaha! You got caught! JK!

Maybe staying up till 7 then surfing and sleeping for 2 hours wasn't a good idea.

Ollie's house delivered the knockout punch.

Homemade gravy!

Three funny faces of the night.

Where's the rest of JAVCT? Hahaha!

We all think this is TK's first time holding a mop.

I like this picture cuz Allan is just so magoo.

Why are you guys picking on my 8th grade crush!

KJ also is the master at cracking necks.

But he could just as easily kill you if you make him mad.

Back to Ollie. You know how he lives?

He lives La Vida Loca!

Dang Fred. Down On Bended Knee eh?

Birth buddies and best friends.

Everyone hearts Jojo.

Leo and KJ are best friends. "Dood, yah ghatta bak meh ap! Dere's dese tree whiite boyz. Dhere ghanna jamp me!"

Our parties are always fun but this year it was a whole nother level.

Pie eating!?! Hahaha!

Stachface killas.

You guys take PDA to a whole nother level.

Leo can bust in both Tagalog and English. Check out his undying fans. But what's up w/ the bakla left hand?
Pie eating is a good way to clean up all the food I guess. Same w/ food pong.

The morning after Ellen was spooning w/ Ralph...the cat.

Oh what a night...What!?! It's morning now!?!

Thank you to the Neglerios for hosting another great WBZ holiday party.

Thank you for not totally fucking w/ me. Hahaha! Making memories1


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