Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alvinisms 652

"Alvinisms all day"

-Baby Alvin aka Willy Santos Jr's first words

Did you know: At 5:52 pm the youngest member of the Wildboyz was born.

Thought of the day: Thursday was a perfect day when I got to run the whole class the way I like, followed w/ work w/ the Freezers, mackage at Tajima, and then THE BABY!!!

We got to see Willy's baby at 4 hours old and even got to see my best friend Lai hard at work at Pomerado. It was a crazy experience man cuz we've all been waiting for this moment for like 8 years. I've known Willy for like 9-10 years now and it's finally happened and congratulations to you and Shalihe. Pictures of the fun day to come. This one is dedicated purely to


Food for thought:

I figure while on the topic of babies, this is the best meal one can get right!?! Haha! Who's hungry!?! Did you know I was not breast fed? Long story, ask at your own risk.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I love babies! Fatch has the best pictures, so wait a minute for them. Happy Friday suckas! WILDBOYZ THANKSGIVING DINNER TIME!!!!!

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jomo said...

It's a baby!