Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alvinisms 651

"Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything."

-George Lois

Did you know: That Michael Crichton died on Nov 4th. Everyone loved Jurassic Park and other creations like ER, The Andromeda Strain, or Congo.

Thought of the day: This week sure has been topsy turvy. Not in any drunken fashion but just that a lot of plans have come along, some came through, some fell through, but all the while life goes on and things seem to keep getting better and better.

In a couple days is the Wildboyz Thanksgiving dinner. Then on Dec. 1st, I'm gone out of the parentals and into my humble new abode in Poway. One month later, I'm outta America and on a plane to see Petra, Egypt and Germany. Hopefully then a couple weeks till our Mammoth trip and who knows what other adventures lie ahead. Happy Thursday suckas!

Food for thought:

Baked sweet potatoes stuffed with blue cheese and herbs and wrapped in prosciutto

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I got a response from one of my questions and this pretty fuckin awesome!
This is from my question about whether or not non dairy creamer is flammable. It is! And it's cool!

JR got his first job. I'm proud of you broskee. Make that dolla how you can.

Wanna see what a burrito at 530 am looks like? This is what it looks like; same as any other. Hahaha!

In response to TK's blog, I had a few photos too of our sleepover, or lack of it. Good morning world.

Bloggers and gamers all day.

Scary Leo.

Wednesday Leo and I ran around Miramar Lake w/in 30-40 mins. My truck is the oldest of the Wildboyz and Leo's is the newest. Not bad.

Andddddd then I offset the had work by eating suicide and hot wings at Callahans. That shizz will make you sweat man!

BBoy Jrazcal of KOS was voted one of the top 5 bboys in North San Diego. Leo used to battle Wicked Souls in middle school.

TK looks extra lanky here.

Even George used to bboy a little. But know he's bballer.

Chris travelled the world playing soccer. I wish I had a talent that allowed me to do that. Thanks for the good laughs at TKs. Hahaha!

Maribel and I lived in Japan for a bit. We're back and gonna reunite w/ all the gaijin!

Tell me why it was hella foggy when we got out. Demon wind. Haha! Scary drive back to TKs.

Now that I was here, it was dark as hell! I couldn't see one street light to another. TK's house is in this picture. Just can't see it. Happy Thursday.


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