Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alvinisms 649

"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open."

-Elmer G. Letterman

Did you know: Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

Thought of the day: I really like this quote. This far in Alvinisms and reading hundreds of quotes and facts, its not that often that I find one that really can teach me something. This one did. It made me look at myself (not like that you pervert) and what kind of person I am. Its kinda hard to give yourself a bad grade when you're optimistic, confident, and live in a land of rainbows and happy people so...Looks like open doors w/ door stoppers for me! Hahaha!

Random thought of the day: I was watching the news (haven't done that in a while) and they said they knew the Obama Family Secret Service code names. Now what good is a code name if the news knows and is gonna tell the world

Food for thought:

Mmmm...eggs in basket are delicious. I first saw this in V for Vendetta. Then Freezers made me my first one in Mammoth last year. Now they are a staple breakfast.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

This is a real "pink taco" aka Taco Bell's "volcano taco". I defs needed something to eat before Vince and I surfed 19th street, actually it was 21st.

Super chill day and the Charger game was in the afternoon so...just going w/ the wind we stopped by It's A Grind to sap on Acai smoothies and high octane coffee. Hella chill.

But in the afternoon, we had to get Willys Workshop ready for our Street Fighter II tournament. Here's Fatch and Vince setting up the bracket and Willy in the distance setting up the camera.

The early birds came to practice.

All the while, we were watching the Chargers game.

You gotta love curry. Especially if its hooked up!!!

Here's the sign up; don't forget there was a backside full of competitors.

It got packed real quick inside the Shop.

And the crowd started gathering outside too. Guess what they are all looking at.

Oh shnaps!!! We projected that ish on window so everyone could watch in the cool air and lots of space.

Mike aka Stacks and Jeff. You may have the belt Mike, but I still have the record!

Its always storytime w/ Toes aka Boner.

What's the look for Fatch!?!

The man behind it all, Mr. Willy Santos. Check out our Philippines/Workshop tees in the background.

The buck didn't stop there. We had live music courtesy of DJ Deeohz.

Yeah!!! Joe Friday came through and hooked me up w/ some SOAKvsKAOS goodies. BMXing in Kearny this week son!

I don't know his name but he always comes in the shop and gives us a few laughs. Thanks for supporting the Shop.
3 of 4 TAA: Steven, Toe-Knee and Joe. Not pictured: Guil. We're gonna start SAA: Alvin, Edwin and Fatch.

These are my two mentors: JRazcal and Aric Sanders aka The Colonel.

Hand eye coordination, reflexes, knowledge, instinct, skill are just few talents needed to be in contention w/ us.

Rolondo aka Deeohz is a gamer. Thanks for throwing the game. Hahaha!

DJ Chadwick!?! Ha! JK, he doesn't DJ, but he can SKATE!!!

Vince was the man in charge of the standings. If you wanted to pay someone off, he's the man.

More pictures tomorrow because this would've been an incredibly long. In the meanwhile, this is my wallpaper. Her name is Yuri Ebihara aka Ebi-chan. George and I ate at McDonalds 2 times a day to see her giant poster on the wall. *sigh

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