Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alvinisms 647

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet."

-James Oppenheim

Did you know: Googol is a number (1 followed by 100 zeros).

Thought of the day: Here's a quick recap of how my 3 day weekend went up until Sunday morning where the adventure will continue.

Thursday: Work at the school, work at the Shop, yoga w/ Frees, Willy, and Spencer, random rendevous, Tajima, Midgetland, Prospect, midget trashcans, In N Out till 3 in the morning w/ Annabelle.

Friday: Go to Firestone for a recall on my tires, train a little at MM Workshop for the Street Fighter Tournament, solo ride to the waterfalls, random talk w/ Rochelle, night biking, illin at Edwins, caps, youtube till 4 in the morning at Bumsville.

Saturday: Breakfast at "The Mission" w/ Eddie and "Fun Grandma", fishing at Embarcadero minus Eddie, Wave Lines for a new wetsuit, quick surf session at 19th street Del Mar w/ Vince, rest and movies.

Food for thought:

You can never go wrong w/ breakfast tacos.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Check out Jimmy Cao's new poster for Bones! Sick!!! And he gave us a shout out on the bottom right. Thanks Jimmy we're all proud of you.

I got some toys of a cartoon Frees and I watch, can you spy her lurking in the back? Ha!

Freezers rump is sponsored by Lunch Meat.

Spencer is all over the new xeroxine "Lunch Meat". It's pretty sick and you can pick it up at Willys Workshop.

Check out the Willys Workshop yoga all star team. Alvin (Alvinism), Spencer (Nuzzleberry), Frees (Althea), Willis (Willy).

Looking back at some old stickers I found this gem. It's KAFE (Kuts and Fades Etc.) which was Willy's first shop he co-owned before be started Willys Workshop.

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