Sunday, November 02, 2008

Alvinisms 636

"Fate is an excuse for why we end up where we do. Our actions predetermine our destiny. Our reactions seal that fate."

-Carl Stoynoff

Did you know: For the past two weekends I've been spending my nights at my Bestie's, Lai, place just watching movies, cooking, eating, and getting inebriated.

Thought of the day: This Sunday was the wildest Sunday I've had. I went to the Shop to watch football and chill w/ some JR and TJ and Vince but it turned into a trip to 2 bike shops, Mervyn's sale, Mitsuwa, 2 helpings of L&L's, Stack's baby's baptismal and an open bar. WTF!?! So here I am buzzed and meandering around the Mira Mesa mall w/ a football and bikes on my mind.

Oh did I tell you that everyone just came by the Shop and chilled for a minute w/ us? You gotta love Willys Workshop. Where else can you grub, hang out, play Street Fighter, and buy a skateboard!?! So come on by cuz you're bound to run into someone and share a few laughs.

Here's a list of our visitors
1) JR
2) TJ
3) Alvin
4) Vince
5) Ron
6) Harold
7) Rochelle
8) Brent
9) Donette
10) Elainne
11) Ernestine
12) Ernesto
13) Verna
14) Daniel Mayo
15) Ryan
16) Raibyn
17) Kristine
18) Willy
19) Shalihe
20) Mike Stacks
21) George
22) Toe-Knee
23) Tristan
24) MIKE JUCO!!! Holy crap!!! Only a handful of people will know who he is but Ghaddam!!!

Food for thought:

Huge sea scallops for bread, crispy, smokey thick slices of bacon, brussels sprout leaves sauteed in the bacon drippings, and herb-y sauteed shitake mushrooms and to finish the plate fresh and vibrant slow-roasted tomato and tarragon vinaigrette

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Come through Mira Mesa Willys Workshop and you might find a set-up like this. My Apple, Ollie's Apple, and Willy's Apple, not to mention our Shops.

Tuesday night was a hectic one for the ages but I did manage to stop by Min Sok Chon to celebrate Lizette's birthday. Even if for like 30 mins. Happy birthday ma!

Jeff got one of those faces where I can't tell if he's trying to sneak in the picture or if he's trying to get out of it.

Ultimate beer pong.

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