Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alvinisms 621

"Feeling grateful to or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life."

-Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Did you know: A duck can't walk without bobbing its head.

Thought of the day: Another day spent at home laying in bed, except this time I did some chores like clean my room, wash some sheets and watch "The Seven Samurai".

This is now in my top 3 movies of all time. It's an epic and classic film that I'm not sure a lot people can sit through but if you can appreciate movies, cinematography, and great directing then this movie is perfect.

I watched it twice. Mind you that its 3 and a half hours long. I watched it w/ commentary the first time so I can see, hear, and understand what makes the movie so remarkable, then I watched it w/ just subtitles and really appreciated and understood all the elements of the film that makes it one of the most groundbreaking and respected films of all time. As any film buff and they'll tell you. "THE SEVEN SAMURAI" is a must see!!!

The pictures from the Chargers Vs Patriots game are from my camera and from TK's camera.

Food picture of the day:

Hey Mike, eat you bacon wrapped hot dog heart out!!! Check out the size of the tri-tip steak that slow cooked over 3 hours! It was uuuuhhhhhmaaaaaaaaaazzzinggggg!!!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

The most awesome film of all time.

I'm going to paint the flag on my wall. Like how I painted a rose in my old room's ceiling. Ha!

Nothing says I'm tougher than you like, stabbing someone in the neck.

The first batch was a little messy but the second was perfect!

Let the feast begin.

Oh my Chris Penny in the house! What the fuck is up w/ your jeans though bro? Seriously!?!

We all used to lift together at Mount Carmel.

Mike Abalos is the best tailgate chef. Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed w/ cheese. Let me repeat that. Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed w/ cheese. I know you wanna come to the next game don't you?

It's a cook out not a smoke out! Three groups of friends all tailgating together makes for a fun time.

Notorious BIG said it best. JUICY.

Eat you heart out. Literally.
Which jersey to go w/ black or the home jersey Meg?

Brandon, MC, and Alex got love for the home team.

This is a nice picture except TJ looks kinda gay. Oh wait, when doesn't he?

I wonder what Kimtan is trying to say to David in this picture.

We always got the goods at home games.

Mike was one Willys Workshops very first shop riders. We once skated the Vans skatepark at The Block in Orange County before a competition. Now he rides for Street Machine downtown but still gots made love.

We just can't get away from Flip Cup.

Big Dave on the beer bong.

Red cups equal mad fun.

And lots of vodka.

And drunk folks.

And sometimes headaches.

But one things for sure.You know there's a party and a good time if you follow the...red cups.

Extra bacon on my bacon wrapped hot dog puhlease!!!

Look who came strolling through D4 for the party, Mr. Harold himself!

Damn BJ, don't waste the beer! Some of the homies didn't even have tickets. They just came to tailgate and join the fun at D4. I'm telling you, its always a good time at Charger games!

I know I'm shorter than most but these 40 inch+ rims are ridiculous!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Mike Hauser sighting.

No comment...but I know you got dirty thoughts. Shame shame shame, I know your name!

Street Machine X Willys Workshop shotguns.

You when TK gets a bottle in his hand it means he's gonna pour it down your throat.

Hey Boner, you always make fun of people sucking on the bottle but check yo face son!!!! Hahahahaha!

Ollie's ready for game day.

Double WBZ signs.

Miss Theresa loves Alvinism and the Chargers. Hey ma, "I don't just love you guys, I like you guys!"

The masses and masses of people getting in.

The security guard was about to close the gate on us if we didn't settle down. Look at everyone throw their arms up saying, "Aight, shit!!! We ain't doin shit, we just wanna get it!"

I spy a orange Viper. (I don't really but you can try to find one!)

This picture is for Leo and Chris. Al Davis (the Raiders owner) realizes his team sucks so bad that he became a Charger fan. And sat right in front of us!

TK and his gun w/ Rolondo's telephoto lens.

TK tried to take better pictures up close but started falling asleep! Here's our friend Alberto waking his drunk ass up!

This is Alberto, Erin and I laughing at TK sleeping in the handicap seats.So we took a picture w/ out him! Hahahahah!

Our faces each tell a different story.

You gotta love packed night games.

Season ticket holders TK, Alvinism, Erin, and Alberto. I like this picture of us.

TK was in stalk mode and found Meg.

Lets go offense!

Brady you ain't even playing so sit the hell down! Give it to him Cromartie! I like talk shit at games just to let you know.
Rodney, you used to be one of my favorite safeties. But now you're just whatevs.
Check out this photo TK took of Philip Rivers holding hands w/ some dude.

And after the show is the after party. And after the party is the hotel lobby? Nah, its home cuz we all got work the next day.

See you next game!!!


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