Monday, October 13, 2008

Alvinisms 620

"We must risk going too far to discover just how far we can go."

-John Rohn

Did you know: There is a town called "Big Ugly" in West Virginia.

Thought of the day: So I went home Tuesday cuz my head was just filled w/ fog and I had no idea what was going on inside.

Do you ever have that feeling where you're just delirious, sweating, and about to topple over? Yeah, I had that, plus sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and congestion. I haven't talked to anyone in the past 48 hrs really except when I left the Shop and hung out w/ Gelly, the roomies and some friends. Other than that I think I'm afraid to get anyone sick. Even through email. I'm Dun Dunnies.

Food picture of the day:

Baby heirloom tomatoes look beautiful and tasty.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Boys win and TJ rallies up the troups.

MC is serious about this one. The rivalry between the boys and girls stem deep. Friendships may eventually be broken by Flip Cup.

Consequence for losing = ketchup war paint.

Chris aka the Million Dollar Gap is trying to keep things civil.

Happy birthday TJ. Touche!

The Rainbow Warriors, oh wait. That's not TJ, that's his lil bro Erico w/ JR.

Happy losers.

The guys eventually lost and had mustard unibrows. Cute!

Did you know Chris was an artist too!?! Ketchup and mustard artist.

Ollie and Kimtan = Team Aruba

TJ and JR = Team France

Look at all the love in the picture. Chris and Freddy are slow dancing. Kimtan and Ollie are uh...well. No comment. And Sean loves the BBQ in his tummy.
Ellen aka Cheryl hella concentrated. Maybe that's what makes one of the best girls at the game.
Dayam, that's the face of intensity!!! Team English Prisoners from Australia

House party time! Thanks Rae for letting use your place!

Cile and Jojobean = Team India
Alvinism, Fatch, and Richard = Team Egypt

Specators Jenny and Rhoda while TK exercises and emcees the tournament.
Nice face. Hahaha!
George and Freddy = Team Island of Kiribati

MC and April = Team Greece

Rose and Cheryl = Team Japan

Jen and Rich = Team Antarctica

Chris and Harold = Team Vietnam

Three tables, lots of cups, tons of beers, and friends willing to get drunk for glory!

Verna's back from Virginia for good!

Jan. 1st 09. Wildboyz continue our worldwide domination.

Erico and Rene = Team Austrailia

Ladies love Alvinism.

And I love dem all back.

Rhoda and I go all the way back to 6th grade. Mr. Spears and Mr. Pine!

I like this picture of us Jenny. We look like brother and sister.

I should've recorded this arguement between Freddy (he won the 40 oz chug too. 1 min 20 secs) and Jojobean. I told friendships could almost be ruined.

A lot of bellies, nipples, and pubic hair came out. Anything to distract the other team.

My teammate is fizzaded!

We were all a little enibriated.

TJ and MC sharing a drunk bowl of ramen on the garage floor. Not exactly a French picnic along a river; but it'll do.

TK doing his best Edwin impression.

Knocked the...

...Fuck out!!!!
We made it to semifinals despite the fact we weren't going to play. EGPYT!!!

Roxy came out to play but ended up in her home by the end of the night.

Chris face tells it all. Good ol fashioned fun.
Remember friends. Crack kills.

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