Thursday, October 09, 2008

Alvinisms 618

"The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart."


Did you know: Eleven of the fifty states are named after and actual person.

Thought of the day: I finally have my camera back so you finally get more updates. These shots were from last Friday and they're funny!!! This Alvinism is a drunk recap, sorry! Or not!

Beer olympics last night was a successo!!! Pictures to come from Ollie, TK, and everyone's blog including mine. So keep reading son!

Food picture of the day:

I love omelets, and this one has hella cheese, some potatoes, and tomatoes!!!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Meg shared this video w/ about this amazing girl who kills it on the bball court. What draws me to her isn't just her talent but her attitude. She's humble and that's something I really admire in people. Good luck girl! And thanks Meg!!!

Isaiah was one of the best fighters in high school. He has Kimbo Slice's beard; I bet he could beat Kimbo.

Sabrina and friends are all grown up. Dang!

I spy Fatch's bald head bobbin' to the beat.

I missed your bday outing but I got you on this one ma!

Your welcome! Mwahaha!

Bret and Gelly and a tall jockey in the back.

That's a cool face Meg!!! Now...

...Let's both do it!

Who took this!?!

You're the culprit! With your Japanese peace signs!

Fredo thrownin up the WBZ. And Fatch and Fatchie face tee. I wonder if I was kicked out or if I walked out?

I sure don't look mad to be out there though. What's w/ those hands and that face man!

Sorry Fel and Kimtan for making you guys go in and check for me. I appreciate it. Hey Fel, how come you only see me when I'm uber faded, DANG! HAHAHA!

Your cool beans mama. Senks!

Breakin it down + the thizz face = a picture of a good time.

You girlies are fun bobbies!!!

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