Thursday, October 02, 2008

Alvinisms 615

"Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud and one the stars."

-Frederick Langbridge (1849 - 1923)

Did you know: I may look kosher, but I usually black out on really drunk nights.

Thought of the day: Being in dancing shape is totally not the same as just being "in shape". I knew I'd be dancing and rehearsing again so I've been working to get my stamina up and my legs moving a lot again so lately I've been running.

Well shit, in running your legs just go back and forth so when we had rehearsal on Saturday night I was all out sync. I forgot how tough dancing was again. Ho well, time go to TK's house so we can rehearse (we're the slowest!!! ha!!!) and not be the weakest link. Ha! But its all good everyone in this project are there just to dance and no politics or drama needed. No strings attached. No wild consequences. Just show up learn, have fun, meet new friends, dance w/ old ones, and just bring things back to how they used to be. It's just APPLES AND BANANAS.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity because it gives me a chance to dance w/ old friends and meet new ones as well and share the stage w/ ones I look up to. I mean, I haven't performed w/ Toe-Knee since like high school. And Frees? I've never danced w/ her. Some of the legends I've looked up to since the beginning are gonna be next to me on stage. One word wraps it all up: excited.

So get Dec. 6th off for Prelude to watch us perform as well as be at HOB for the New Years Party!!! Start your year watching me body roll. Hahahaha! JK. Then its off to Egypt! What a 2008-2009!

Food picture of the day:

Sprouts make anything so much better. This is the ultimate BLT.

-Alvinism of The Wildboyz

Sunday's disappointment w/ the Chargers was washed down w/ Oggi's Stix w/ pepperoni and feta. Too bad nothing can still wash the bad taste out my mouth.

Spread the word, Willys Workshop has got all of the The Hundreds X Gravis travel and footwear.





Ill not sick.

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