Thursday, October 02, 2008

Alvinisms 614

"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional."


Did you know: Richard, Fatch, and I set a date for Egypt...JAN 1ST BABY!!!

Thought of the day: This week flew by so fast. Dunno what I'm doing besides lacing up my running shoes for Miramar Lake Saturday, working w/ Freezers after, then putting on my dancing shoes for Saturday rehearsal and celebrating Preezy Preez's bday on Sunday. Oh and you can't forget all the football games!!! Shit, sounds like I have another randomly busy one. No time for ho hums, it's time for FRIDAY BABY!!!

Food picture of the day:

I used to watch and play Pokemon. Haha!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Sundays at the Shop are the best!!! Garlic shrimp (do not recommend), spam musubis, bbq chicken, gravy fries, moco loco, and grilled mahi mahi. Courtesy of our good friends!

Round 2 of the same day!!! Pulled pork sandwich (meh), tri tip steak sandwich (meh), chicken katsu (always good), moco loco (always heavy), and chicken adobo (I bet you didn't know they had it!)

So after all that healthy food and football we had to get our bodies moving so some of us went to the Lake (AGAIN!) and biked a couple laps. Hi Jojobean!

Vince and his Fixie all the way from Japan. His drop bars turned upside down and cut should have real horns. What do you think?

I love active weekends! My head looks huge!

Its always so hard to find Fatch in the crowd.

Thousands of dollars worth is on their crotch right now. Seriously!

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