Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alvinisms 608

"A sound 'soul' resides within a sound mind and sound body."

-Soul Eater

Did you know: Im training for a half marathon in February.

Thought of the day: Happy birthday to my neighbor and friend Gelly aka Gelen. She's pretty cool beans man. Except if you're trying to get her to go jogging. If that's the case you better show up an hour early cuz that's how long it'll take to motivate her and for her to finally get going.

Sorry I didn't make it out to On Boardway last night but if you wanna do our all day drinking binge, you know I'm in!!! Hahahaha! See you on the skateboard ma.

This is the first time we hung out the Hoey photoshoot. Wildboyz and Wet Pussy Girls.

Mr. Motivator at work. Fix yo feet sucka.


She likes this picture.I like this one. Happy birthday Gelly. Lets run!!!

Food picture of the day:

Do you spot the two little animals on the bottom too!?! Such detail! Sugoi!!!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

TK and I left for the Monday night game late so we were bumming beers off people off the street. Anything for a buzz right!?! Photo courtesy of TK of the Wildboyz.

We got hooked up. Beer ($8.50), The Boss Hot Dog X 2 ($20), and a soda ($5.50) equals $34 but we got em for $18. Charm works baby!!!

It's heaven in a hot dog.

Tolbert TD. Our seat neighbor were worried about us. They thought we sold our tix cuz we didn't go to the first game. Thanks guys, we missed you too.

Wanna know why TK was wearing his stunnas during a night game?Cuz homie had pink eye...IN BOTH EYES!!! I called him Voldemort for the day. Maybe that's how we got the cheap dogs.

Thanks for the memories Mr. Favre. You're still good in "Something About Mary" at least.

I love this game.
Connor Getzlaff aka Scooter who rides for Sacrifice, Factor 54, and K5 (I think) gave himself a tattoo of Crush (Finding Nemo) on his thigh. It's still rough but he's gonna touch it up. Not bad for the second try. Ha!!!

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